My writing for the El Camino Union is still winning awards in my absence

1396719317950I attended El Camino College from 2011-2013, and I was on the staff of the newspaper, the magazine and the creative arts journal in some combination the entire time I was there. I put in a lot of work, and it continues to pay off.

Last night I got a very excited text from my former adviser letting me know that I won 1st place in the state competition for a photo essay I did on Crenshaw Blvd with my friend Phil Prins.

I also finally got my plaque for winning 1st place in column writing.

I continue to receive positive affirmation that changing my career direction midlife was a good decision.


Today’s Google doodle honors Dorothy Irene Height, who was born on this day in 1912


The Dorothy Irene Height Google Doodle

The Dorothy Irene Height Google Doodle

Born in Virginia in 1912, Dorothy Height was a civil rights and women’s rights activist focused primarily on improving the circumstances of and opportunities for African-American women. She was a leader in addressing the rights of both women and African Americans as the president of the National Council of Negro Women. In the 1990s, she drew young people into her cause in the war against drugs,

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I had dinner at Native Foods Friday night, and it was delicious

My friend Nenna has been on me to try Native Foods for the longest time, so we met there late Friday afternoon for a late lunch/early dinner.

Up until now, my favorite “healthy eating” spot was Tender Greens. Native Foods changed the game for me. Sorry, Tender Greens.  You have been replaced.  Native Foods has you beat on service, taste, portion size and price.

Nenna had the vegan nachos. They looked delicious, and she ended up taking most of it home.image


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My eyebrows need to be done, and I look tired, but I got new contact lenses

imageI haven’t actively worn contact lenses in almost two years. According to the eye doctor, both my vision and my astigmatism have improved over time. While this is a good thing, I hope going back to primarily wearing contact lenses won’t ruin that.

I am using the Acuvue Oasys contact lenses for the next week. I will go back to the doctor on the 31st so he can determine how my eyes are doing with these. I will admit that it took some getting used to, but I can see a lot clearer with the contacts than I could with my old glasses.

Also? Going back to wearing contacts means I have to make doubly sure to stay on top of my eyebrow game.