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Monique in Blonde

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A Throwback To Yesterday


A throw back to yesterday when I was really feeling myself

Some days you have one of those “I’m feeling really cute today” days. Yesterday was one of those days.

Twitter verified

It looks like Twitter verified me sometime overnight last night.


Monique Judge is Twitter verified.

First of all, bitch, (stanza #3)

I’m feeling myself

life is working out right now

I think I’ve got this

Monique - feeling myself

Monique – feeling myself

First of all, bitch, (stanza #2) – who am i?

The name is Monique

writer, creator, woman

black, proud, all out loud

Monique and her afro puff

Monique and her afro puff

Laotian Bae

Monique and Phil

Monique and Phil

Every person we meet becomes a character in our story. Whether they are a recurring character or just background noise depends on the connection we make with them.

I met Phil while working at onĀ the El Camino Union. We bonded over ratchet dances and trap music. He is my Laotian Bae.

I love this picture of us.

Self reflection

Monique collage in black and white

Monique collage in black and white

smiling and happy

this is how I see myself

loving who I am

That time when I was feeling myself

Not so long ago

the journalista in a bun

the journalista in a bun

Pretty Brown Eyes

My eyes are my best feature I think. Well, my eyes and my lips. Also, I have a really big forehead.

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