Grammatically Correct: a grammar nerd seeks to help

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know that I am the ultimate grammar nerd. I cringe when I see people confuse homophones, misspell words, or neglect the Oxford comma.

In the past, I pointed out bad grammar simply to snark or make fun of people, but I realize now that this practice is counter-productive. Making fun of people and shaming them for making grammar mistakes doesn’t serve any purpose other than to make me a grammar snob, and that is not something I aspire to be. OK, fine, I am a grammar snob, but that is beside the point. I don’t need to wield my large vocabulary and command of the English language over people like a deadly sword. If I am truly to be an information curator, part of that job is to share with other people the information I gather, and that includes grammar tips.

If I am entirely honest, there are plenty of times when I am confused as to whether I am using the right word or phrase in the right context or tense, but the difference is I go and look these things up before I throw them out to the people.  When these moments happen from now on, I will share them with the people so that we may all become smarter.

Besides, there is already a site that puts you on the Summer Jam screen if you use words incorrectly or spell them wrong. That niche has been covered.

Each week, I will be running a new column on the blog entitled “Grammatically Correct” that will cover different grammar topics including spelling, confused word usage, and questions from the audience.

If you have a question or grammar topic you think I should cover, be sure and send in a request.