On Police Departments and Drone Usage

LAPD Drones

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNA – AUGUST 21, 2014: Mario Bautista (middle ) along with other members of “Stop LAPD Spying Coalition), holds a press conference outside Los Angeles City Hall on August 21 in downtown Los Angeles. The group is saying the use of drones would violate the privacy rights of Angelenos and further “militarize” local law enforcement. Later, the group tried to present a letter to Mayor Eric Garcetti for a timeline regarding setting a policy for the LAPD to make a decision regarding drones. The group is demanding a prohibition onthe use of drone technology by the Los Angeles Police Departement. (Photo by Gary Friedman/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Los Angeles Police Commission, the Los Angeles Police Department said it wanted to test the use of drones in a one-year pilot program. The announcement was met with immediate resistance from a group of activists who gathered to denounce the use of any drones by the department.

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LAPD Officers Will Not Be Charged in Fatal 2015 Shooting of Woman They Say Had a Knife

Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey has got to go.

Although the Los Angeles Police Commission found fault with the way LAPD Officers Samuel Briggs and Antonio McNeely handled themselves in the shooting of Norma Guzman, the prosecutors will not be filing criminal charges against the two officers.

This is disgraceful.

A memo from the district attorney’s office that was made public Wednesday outlines the facts of the case and concludes that Police Officers Samuel Briggs and Antonio McNeely had reason to fear for their lives and “acted in lawful self-defense and defense of others.”

Source: LAPD Officers Will Not Be Charged in Fatal 2015 Shooting of Woman They Say Had a Knife

LAPD Releases Video Surveillance Video in Carnell Snell Shooting

The 45-second clip, which LAPD posted to its YouTube channel, shows a suspect reported to be Carnell Snell Jr in a shopping center. The young man paces back and forth in front of shops before crouching down behind an SUV. An object believed to be a handgun is removed from his waistband. The young man hesitates, then puts the item back in his waistband and runs along the walkway in front of the shops in the center before turning down a path out of view of the cameras. A few seconds later, an officer can be seen following him on foot.

Source: LAPD Releases Video Surveillance Video in Carnell Snell Shooting

Why isn’t LAPD ticketing drivers in the crosswalk? via Los Angeles Walks

On Wednesday June 18, I was crossing Flower Street heading east at 6th Street during my lunch hour. I was walking in the crosswalk, with the signal, when a vehicle heading east on 6th Street in the outside lane failed to yield at the light when making a right-hand turn. The car came to a quick stop in the crosswalk, startling me and I stopped walking to look at the driver, expecting to see an acknowledgement or nod of apology for nearly hitting me. Instead the driver laid on the horn, long and loud.Confused, I looked at the crosswalk signal which was still a clear walk signal, not even counting down, with other people around me continuing to cross the street. I pointed to the signal and held my hands up in a “I don’t understand” signal to the driver. He then proceeded to roll down his window and lean his head out, yelling expletives which—in summary—demanded I get out of the street. I had my cellphone in hand so I held it up to snap a photo of him and his license plate. Upon seeing this he hit the gas, swerved, pealing out as he continued down Flower Street. He missed hitting me and other pedestrians in the crosswalk by only a few inches.

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As a daily Metro user and pedestrian, these types of situations bother me to no end. I will often yell at my dad when I’m riding in the car with him, because he has often pulled all the way into the crosswalk at intersections. If you can write jaywalking tickets, you can ticket drivers who do not allow pedestrians the right of way.