Why Google’s Chromebooks make more sense than ever

I love my Chromebook, and I still contend that for the telecommuter on the go, or the student that needs an inexpensive way to do work on campus and off, the Chromebook is the way to go.

Google Drive and its online office suite can now work perfectly happily without a web connection. You can create and edit files, with all the changes getting synced back to the cloud as soon as a connection is restored. That means with Google Docs’ offline support you can use a Chromebook to go and write a novel in a cabin in the woods. You just won’t be able to look up any background facts while you’re there.Unlike Netflix, Google Play Movies does offer downloads for offline viewing, and you do get a few gigabytes of local storage on Chromebooks if it’s media files you’re interested in (there’s always the USB stick or external hard drive option too).

Source: Why Google’s Chromebooks make more sense than ever