Trump sexual assault allegations: The floodgates are open.

Donald Trump is a disgusting pig. I have seen people asking why all these allegations are just now coming to light. Please don’t do this. Unless you have been sexually assaulted yourself, then you will never understand the pain, shame, and trauma victims suffer in the aftermath. It is at times paralyzing, and makes it hard to want to come forward. In fact, people questioning sexual assault victims and their motives for telling their stories makes it hard to come forward.

Maybe people like you are the reason they don’t come forward.

A Miss Teen USA 2001 contestant told the Guardian today that Trump “deliberately walked in” on her and another contestant in their dressing rooms “while they were naked and getting dressed for a rehearsal”; this report followed a Buzzfeed story alleging that Trump, during the 1997 pageant, intentionally walked into a communal dressing room being used by girls as young as 15. In yet another report from today, CBS News produced a 1992 video from Entertainment Tonight shot at Trump Tower: “In the clip, Trump asks one of the 10-year-old girls if she’s ‘going up the escalator.’ When the girl replies, ‘yeah,’ Trump turns to the camera and says: ‘I am going to be dating her in 10 years. Can you believe it?’”

Source: Trump sexual assault allegations: The floodgates are open.