Donald Trump Lied When He Said He Did Not Meet With Russians During the Election

Russian ambassador to the US Sergey Ivanovich Kislyak (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

We already know that our sitting president is not the paragon of truth, and we’ve long suspected that his ties to Russia run deeper than he would like to admit, but the truth always comes to light, and this is no different.

Donald Trump met with the Russian ambassador personally on April 27, 2016, and according to ThinkProgress, the Wall Street Journal reported on it at the time, but the report did not gain notice until it was picked up on agan by AMERICAblog News.

Trump was delivering a major foreign policy speech, and Sergey Ivanovich Kislyak was apparently sitting front row at the invitation-only event.

ThinkProgress notes that Russia was pleased with Trump’s speech at the time.

During a February 16 press conference, Trump said, “Russia is a ruse. I have nothing to do with Russia. Haven’t made a phone call to Russia in years. Don’t speak to people from Russia.”

ThinkProgress reports that Trump said his contacts with Russia were limited to talking twice with Vladimir Putin after election day.

Later, on February 20, Trump spokesperson Sarah Sanders also denied that the Trump campaign had contact with Russia.

From ThinkProgress:

We’ve since learned that at least four members of the Trump campaign — Jeff Sessions, Michael Flynn, Carter Page, and J.D. Gordon — talked with Russian officials during the campaign.

Sessions, now the Attorney General, recused himself from any investigation of the Trump campaigns contacts with Russia after he falsely told the Judiciary Committee he had not met with any Russian officials.

Trump’s own meeting with Kislyak raises further questions about the nature of the Trump campaign’s relationship with Russia and why the Trump administration won’t come clean about the extent of their contacts.

At what point are we going to start looking at all this evidence of Russian involvement with the Trump administration and the 2016 election and start using it to get these people out of office? Once again, it’s like Russia itself is screaming from the Summer Jam screen, but Congress is pretending not to see and too scared to listen.

This is not how any of this is supposed to work.

Source: “Trump personally met with Russian ambassador during campaign” – ThinkProgress

TSA Agents May Be Getting a Little Closer to Airline Passengers During Security Pat-Downs

The next time you go through airport security, you may be getting felt up in an entirely different way by Transportation Security Administration agents if you decide to opt out of electronic screening and have to undergo the new full pat-down, and the new pat-downs are apparently so intrusive, the TSA felt it necessary to notify local law enforcement about its new methods.

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House Republicans Release Long-Awaited Obamacare Replacement Plan Details

On Monday night, House Republicans finally revealed details of their long-awaited plan to repeal-and-replace Obamacare. The plan still has to pass through Congressional committees, but the details are out there ready to be discussed.

The wait is finally over. House Republicans have finally released their master plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, also known (to the shock of millions) as Obamacare, in the form of two bills that would replace federal insurance subsidies with individual tax credits and grants to help states create their own policies.

Separate House committees drafted the two bills, which would no longer penalize Americans for not having insurance but instead would encourage them to keep it by allowing insurers to impose a 30 percent surcharge for those who have a gap between health plans.

The biggest deal is that young adults would still be able to remain on their parents’ insurance plans until they turned 26 years old, and insurers would still be forbidden to deny coverage or charge more to people with pre-existing medical conditions. The downside is that Planned Parenthood would take a hit and would no longer be eligible for Medicaid or federal family-planning grants.

Source: House Republicans Release Long-Awaited Obamacare Replacement Plan Details