New York police sergeant fatally shoots ‘emotionally disturbed’ woman in the Bronx

At what point are we going to acknowledge that police need better training for dealing with mentally or emotionally unstable people in the community? Why is firing a weapon the first option for officers?

A New York police sergeant responding to a call about an “emotionally disturbed person” fatally shot a 66-year-old woman wielding a baseball bat, authorities said.

Police said they were investigating the shooting, including why the officer who responded in the Bronx on Tuesday night fired his gun rather than a Taser.

“The sergeant was armed with a Taser, it was not deployed, and the reason it was not deployed will be part of the investigation and review,” said Assistant Police Chief Larry W. Nikunen.

The woman had a baseball bat. The officer had a Taser and his service firearm which means he had options. The first option should not have been firing a gun at someone who was obviously unstable and possibly unable to even comprehend what they were doing, let alone that the encounter with police could potentially turn deadly.

People who call the police for help with their loved ones are counting on a scary officer with a gun showing up to kill the person they love.

We have got to have better police on the streets.

Source: New York police sergeant fatally shoots ‘emotionally disturbed’ woman in the Bronx – The Washington Post

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