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Month: July 2016

It’s my birthday weekend!

I’m feeling love from so many places right now. People genuinely want to spend time with me for my birthday, and that is so amazingly humbling. It is always good to be reminded that you are loved, and people value you. I’m on my way to the beach to be a mermaid with a group of friends. Enjoy your Saturday.

WikiLeaks, the DNC, and Hillary Clinton

I found out about the WikiLeaks/DNC email scandal during the last hour of my shift at the day job. I wasn’t sure what my plans for tonight would be, but now I know for sure that in addition to drinking wine, I will be digging through this database to see what I can find.

‘Everyday’ vs ‘Every day’

Grammatically Correct

I see people get this confused all the time, and I want to help you out a little bit.

‘Everyday’ and ‘Every day’ do not mean the same thing, and they are not interchangeable.

Everyday is a one-word modifier. It is used as an adjective to describe a noun. For instance, She was wearing her everyday house dress.  

Every day is two words; one is an adjective, and one is a noun. In this case, every is the adjective that is describing the noun day. The confusion between these two phrases is something that happens every day. 

And now, for my final act, I will use these phrases in a sentence together.

Being late is an everyday occurrence for him; he is late every day.

The Trayvon Martin Killing and the Myth of Black-on-Black Crime – The Daily Beast

But there’s a huge problem with attempt to shift the conversation: There’s no such thing as “black-on-black” crime. Yes, from 1976 to 2005, 94 percent of black victims were killed by black offenders, but that racial exclusivity was also true for white victims of violent crime—86 percent were killed by white offenders. Indeed, for the large majority of crimes, you’ll find that victims and offenders share a racial identity, or have some prior relationship to each other.What Shapiro and others miss about crime, in general, is that it’s driven by opportunism and proximity; If African-Americans are more likely to be robbed, or injured, or killed by other African-Americans, it’s because they tend to live in the same neighborhoods as each other. Residential statistics bear this out (PDF); blacks are still more likely to live near each other or other minority groups than they are to whites. And of course, the reverse holds as well—whites are much more likely to live near other whites than they are to minorities and African-Americans in particular.

Source: The Trayvon Martin Killing and the Myth of Black-on-Black Crime – The Daily Beast

First Lady Michelle Obama made an appearance on The Late, Late Show with James Corden and took a turn at carpool karaoke. Missy Elliott joined in for a piece of the fun as well.

How can you not love Michelle?

I get tired of having to explain this to people. Black on black crime is a myth that y’all refuse to let go of. It is a media created narrative that leads to the thinking that black people deserve whatever happens to them ‘since they kill themselves anyway.’

Have you ever heard people say ‘white on white crime’ or ‘Chinese on Chinese crime’? Nope. You know why? Because people tend to live in areas heavily populated by other people who look like them. When you live in an area and you commit crimes, you generally commit crimes in that area as well. Therefore, everyone you commit a crime against is going to look like you.

There is no ‘black on black crime.’ There is just crime. Please disabuse yourselves of this disgusting rhetoric the media has taught you and that you continue to shame yourselves with.

Do better.

North Miami police shoot unarmed man lying on the ground with his hands up

Kinsey’s lawyer said his client did everything police asked of him, yet they still fired at him.”He threw his hands in the air as high as he possibly could and he told them, ‘There is no need for that. Nobody has a gun. I am a behavioral therapist and I am trying to help this guy,'” Napoleon said.Police said the autistic man had something in his hand, but Kinsey’s lawyer said it was a toy fire truck and could not be mistaken for a gun.

Source: Video shows man on the ground with his hands up before…

Android Users Beware: There’s A Malware Version Of Pokémon GO

The malicious app would would ‘virtually give an attacker full control over a victim’s phone’.

Source: Android Users Beware: There’s A Malware Version Of Pokémon GO

Although I downloaded it earlier to try it out, I have not opened the app yet, and I am probably not going to. I felt suspicious about it for some reason I could not explain, and now I know why. I don’t want malware on my phone that would allow someone to remotely control it.

Judge Orders Macy’s to Quit Fining, Detaining Suspected Shoplifters in In-Store Jail

A judge has ordered Macy’s to immediately quit detaining and fining people suspected of shoplifting. A class action lawsuit claims that Macy’s detained at least two women suspected of shoplifting in holding cells for hours in the basement of the chain’s flagship in New York. Both women were forced to pay the store while in detention, a practice known as “civil recovery,” then turned over the NYPD and criminally charged.

Source: Judge Orders Macy’s to Quit Fining, Detaining Suspected Shoplifters in In-Store Jail

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