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Month: November 2015

First of all, bitch, (stanza #2) – who am i?

The name is Monique

writer, creator, woman

black, proud, all out loud

Monique and her afro puff

Monique and her afro puff

what is a biomythography?

Biomythography is a term created by Audre Lourde, radical feminist, lesbian, and woman of color, to describe her1982 book Zami.  A simple definition of biomythography comes from Ted Warburton: “Biomythography is the weaving together of myth, history and biography in epic narrative form, a style of composition that represents all the ways in which we perceive the world.”  It often involves the use of multiple genre of writing, including poetry, fiction, biography, drama, and creative nonfiction. It is a transgressive form of writing, taking the idea of crossing boundaries as the basis of its form.

from “BioMyth – About biomythography

Laotian Bae

Monique and Phil

Monique and Phil

Every person we meet becomes a character in our story. Whether they are a recurring character or just background noise depends on the connection we make with them.

I met Phil while working at on the El Camino Union. We bonded over ratchet dances and trap music. He is my Laotian Bae.

I love this picture of us.

First of all, bitch, (stanza #1)

First of all, bitch,

First of all, bitch,

it’s not about you
your need for validation
is not my problem

Self reflection

Monique collage in black and white

Monique collage in black and white

smiling and happy

this is how I see myself

loving who I am

What Happens When A Journalist Uses Your Tweets For A Story? (Part One)

(Co-written by Jamie Nesbitt Golden, originally published on Medium)

It all started with a ruined Wednesday morning.

A tweet of mine had found its way into a Washington Post op-ed calling for the dismissal of University of Missouri professors accused of assaulting students at a rally celebrating the resignation of the school president. Normally, this wouldn’t bother me; I’d grown accustomed to journalists using my tweets in their stories without giving me so much as a heads up (which usually leaves me open to trolling), and my Twitter account has never been private. But, as I’d spent the last 48 hours ridding my mentions of trolls wanting to debate First Amendment rights and freedom of the press, I was in no mood to entertain any more, and there was something about this particular post that stunk.

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LA Will No Longer Arrest Children Forced Into Sex Trafficking

To help reform the system, McDonnell is directing his deputies to reach out to service groups who can help children in the sex trade. That includes the Department of Children and Family Services and community organizations.The city will be able to expand its resources for combatting human trafficking crimes with the help of a recent $1.5 million federal grant, which will be used to establish a human trafficking task force that will be led by the United States Attorney’s Office and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. That’s part of a $44 million nationwide grant, which will support anti-trafficking task forces around the country. Keeping trafficking victims out of jail not only directs them to services that can help save their lives, but also keeps their records clean.

Source: LA Will No Longer Arrest Children Forced Into Sex Trafficking

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