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BREAKING: Eric Holder To Resign As Attorney General

Holder plans to make the announcement, which was first reported by NPR’s Carrie Johnson, at a press conference at the White House on Thursday afternoon. The 63-year-old will call his tenure as attorney general in the “greatest honor” of his professional life, according to a Justice Department official.

The White House has not announced a candidate to replace Holder, who has a close personal relationship with President Barack Obama. Holder discussed his plans with Obama on several occasions over the last few months, and finalized his decision at the White House residence over Labor Day weekend, according to a DOJ official. If Holder stays in office until December, he will become the third-longest serving attorney general in the history of the United States.

via Eric Holder To Resign As Attorney General.

If I had to quibble about one thing in this article, it would be the fact that a lot of the very first accounts of events on the ground came from Black Twitter, and Black Twitter amplified the issue.

Jay Davis on the myth of objectivity in journalism

In addition to addressing the issue of objectivity in journalism, Jay Davis also gives 8 essential guidelines for reading between the lines and analyzing news stories.

What was fake on the Internet this week and The Intersect

I was introduced to this feature on WaPo through an assigned reading for MCO 494. It has since become one of my favorite weekly reads. The Intersect is also worth adding to your RSS feed.

I spend a lot of time debunking Facebook hoaxes. Here’s why

Facebook hoaxes are herpes; they continue to get passed around from person to person and never seem to go away.

Being media literate means understanding why having such knowledge is important. Here, Patricia Aufderheide outlines 8 key principles in media literacy.

How well do you understand what it means to be media literate?

How a sketchy news story can become “fact”

On February 7, Breitbart News’s Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro published an explosive-looking story under the headline “Secret Hagel Donor? White House Ducks Question on ‘Friends of Hamas.'” Quoting “Senate sources,” Shapiro claimed that crucial documents on Hagel’s “foreign funding” might be kept from the Senate Armed Services Committe because “one of the names listed is a group purportedly called “Friends of Hamas.”

via “Friends of Hamas”: The Scary-Sounding Pro-Hagel Group That Doesn’t Actually Exist.


Dan Gillmor is singing my song here, so I will likely be quoting from this book quite a bit. It’s the text we are using for MCO 494 Special Topics: Digital Media Literacy, and Dan is the instructor for the course.


Behold, the power of social media

The image, faded and torn in places, seemed to have come from someone’s desk — and the fate of both owner and subjects could only be guessed at. So Keefe paged through photos of the deceased, looking for someone from the picture. She repeatedly posted the image to Twitter and Facebook, begging anyone with information to respond.

via How Facebook, Twitter and country star Blake Shelton solved a Sept. 11 mystery 13 years in the making – The Washington Post.

What is the real definition of tabloid?

As strange as it may sound given most of TMZ’s typical fare — on Tuesday, it posted photos of the socialite Paris Hilton buying a sandwich from a Manhattan Subway — the site’s aggressive coverage of these cases is part of a long journalistic history. Tabloids have always trafficked in gossip and scandal-mongering. The idea was never just to titillate, though; it was, at least in part, to hold the rich and powerful accountable.

“The tabloid was a rebellion against the established social order,” said Neal Gabler, the author of “Winchell: Gossip, Power and the Culture of Celebrity,” placing TMZ squarely in this tradition. “TMZ is an agent provocateur. It’s there to penetrate the veil so that the people on the inside cannot erect these barriers and protect themselves. And that’s what the tabloid is all about.”

via TMZ Broke Ray Rice, Donald Sterling and Jameis Winston Stories in 10-Month Span –

Status: currently perfecting my personal study guide for my MCO 460 Race, Gender, and Media Exam 1 tomorrow. We will have 75 minutes to answer 50 questions. I don’t feel ready, but I will be after tonight. This is, after all, what I love.

When you seek to make black people palatable to white audiences, the tendency is to either strip them of everything there is to being black, or overemphasize characteristics that are only stereotypical black traits because the media says so.

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