Michael Jackson, Billie Jean, and why you can’t mess with his legacy

I can remember being twelve years old, sitting in the living room watching the Motown 25 anniversary special on television with my mother, father, and younger brother and sister. We watched all the performances, and our parents got a kick out of seeing all the acts they could remember from their youth, but we kids were staying up late for one person: Michael Jackson.

I found this video on a friend’s Facebook feed. It is a young boy performing the Motown 25 performance of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” I have watched it over and over again multiple times.

I love Michael Jackson, and I love anyone who can do justice by him in a musical or dance performance. He has inspired everyone who came after him from Usher to Ne-Yo to Pharrell even. His impact on the world is legendary, and his music is something I consider to be sacred. My basic stance is, don’t f*ck up a Michael Jackson song.

“Remember The Time” is one of those Michael songs that I consider a classic. I have my own thoughts as to the meaning of the lyrics and who the song was directed toward, and it makes it that much more sentimental to me. The video and accompanying dance routine give us more classic Mike in his element, dancing his favorite choreographed moves and looking good while doing it. I love this song. I’d list it in my top 5 Michael songs of all time.

When I heard Mack Wilds had remade “Remember the Time,” my first question was why? There are just some things you don’t touch, and Michael Jackson songs are in that group. If I’m honest, I will say that Mack did a decent enough job, and my misgivings about people remaking Mike’s work are what lead me to cast any negative light on this cover. I loved Mack on The Wire and 90210, and he has shown himself to be a respectable music artist, but why, Mack, why?

What do you think? Did Mack do Mike justice? Should he have left it alone? Let me know in the comments. 

John Oliver’s Net Neutrality Call Bogs Down FCC Site -Good job, people of the Internet


Net neutrality is the concept that all Internet traffic should be treated fairly by broadband providers. In May, the FCC approved a plan that would ban broadband providers from blocking or slowing down websites, but allow them to make deals with content companies for preferential treatment, such as faster speed. Critics fear that legislation could create a two-tiered system, where companies that can pay more get faster sites, essentially limiting those with lower budgets or new startups. The FCC is currently taking comment on the proposal until June 27.

At the end of the 13-minute segment, Mr. Oliver flashed the FCC website for public comment and passionately encouraged viewers to go to the site, calling on anyone who had ever snarkily commented on a YouTube video to hone their skills for good.

via John Oliver’s Net Neutrality Call Bogs Down FCC Site – Washington Wire – WSJ.

Instagram’s new editing features could make it your only photo app

Instagram 6.0, launching today on iPhone and Android, lets you adjust brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation, highlights, shadows, vignettes, and sharpness in any photo. You can access the tools by tapping a new wrench icon in Instagram’s editing screen, which splays them out in a horizontal list. Tapping one of the tools lets you adjust its strength on a 100-point scale, so even if you have no idea what vignetting means, you can develop your own understanding by playing with the tool for a couple minutes and noticing how the edges of your photo get darker as you increase the strength of the tool. Once you’ve made some edits, you can tap on your photo to see how the photo looks before and after your edits.

via Instagram’s new editing features could make it your only photo app | The Verge.