I really hope this 300 sandwiches chick is trolling for blog hits because this is outrageous

A terrifyingly beautiful New York City woman is either preparing the most exquisite, slow-burn revenge murder of all time or has lost her goddamn mind, the New York Post reports today.

Actually, the woman herself reports: Post writer Stephanie Smith has revealed herself—proudly—as the deranged mind behind 300sandwiches.com, a website on which the blogger details her efforts to make her boyfriend 300 sandwiches, so that he will deem her worthy of making his sandwiches for the rest of her life (by proposing to her). It is a modern A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, with added sandwich photos, without the rights of woman.

via Bitch, Make Me 300 Sandwiches, Orders Beautiful Woman’s Boyfriend.

Surely a woman this beautiful with goals that must go beyond Page 6 cannot seriously think that getting a marriage proposal out of 300 sandwiches is ok, right?

“Make me a sandwich.”

That’s what my boyfriend,  E,  asks without fail every morning. Not “babe, where are my keys?” Not, “honey, where are my socks?” And no, not even,  “c’mon, just the tip?”

Sandwiches. Doesn’t matter what kind. Two pieces of bread, some meat and cheese and he’s in heaven.

E is a lovely cook. He can whip up breakfast, barbecue or a dinner party for 10 without much thought. I’m still working my way through ‘The Joy of Cooking’,  but I can make a few meals at random. I am much better at cleaning–after E cooks.

Things are fairly serious between E and I. We’ve been dating for more than a year,  and recently,  we moved in together to a lovely Brooklyn apartment. We talk about the future—-getting a dog, buying a country house, we’ve even talked about having a family without him breaking into a cold sweat and changing the subject. But I didn’t know when E would be ready for marriage. And like every woman in her mid-30s in a relationship,  I wondered if we were going to go the distance.

I realized what it would take to get him to commit after the first time I made him a turkey on whole wheat bread,  with mustard,  lettuce and swiss cheese.

“Honey,  this is the best sandwich ever!” he exclaimed in between bites so rapid in succession,  the sandwich was gone in minutes. And then,  he dropped a bomb me: “You’re, like, 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring.”

That was it—a proposal hinged on me making him sandwiches.

from “Bio”, 300sandwiches.com

This has been discussed up, down and sideways on my Twitter timeline today.

Please let this be as fake as the self-discovery blog started by michelle joni.

and now, a list of links I’ve found to be good reads recently

Each fruit and vegetable in our stores has a unique history of nutrient loss, I’ve discovered, but there are two common themes. Throughout the ages, our farming ancestors have chosen the least bitter plants to grow in their gardens. It is now known that many of the most beneficial phytonutrients have a bitter, sour or astringent taste. Second, early farmers favored plants that were relatively low in fiber and high in sugar, starch and oil. These energy-dense plants were pleasurable to eat and provided the calories needed to fuel a strenuous lifestyle. The more palatable our fruits and vegetables became, however, the less advantageous they were for our health.

from “Breeding the Nutrition Out Of Our Food”, NYT


“I remember back in the days, you’d go visit someone at their house, and you’d look at their bookshelf and/or vinyl collection and you’d pretty much know who you were dealing with and whether you’d be compatible as friends (and in some cases as lovers or partners). But today I wonder, now that so many people have digital collections of everything, how we’ll any longer have this ability to know a person’s character by the music they listen to or books they read. I doubt we’ll become a generation of people who look into other people’s phones, iPads, or Kindles just to figure this sort of stuff out.”

– from “What Happened To Knowing More About A Person By The Books And Vinyl On Their Shelves?  by Lynne d Johnson

“So with the question, “How’s the whole ‘writercomedything’ going?” satisfactorily answered, the next question from my friends is “So how’s the LA dating scene?” 

 My answer always disappoints because, honestly, I haven’t done much (any) dating. I made an agreement with myself that I would spend my first year in LA establishing the groundwork for a successful comedy writing career, which for me, necessarily means not focusing on men. 
 I made this agreement with myself because I really enjoy the company of men. I’m also easily distracted by them.”

this freelancing thing is actually working out quite well…

Eberhard acknowledges that there are rumors of pension spiking, and says that any claims that he accepted the position of chief solely to pad his retirement are “absolutely untrue.”

Mayor James F. Goodhart supports the retiring police chief and said that any rumors of pension spiking “have no merit.”

Eberhard’s sudden retirement was announced in a statement released by the city on Aug. 27.

“This was not expected,” said Tony Dahlerbruch, PVE city manager, “but the chief has been here a very long time, so I understand his request.”

Eberhard, 56, is originally from Redondo Beach, but moved with his family to Palos Verdes Estates in 1971. His family is well-known in the city; the baseball field at PV High is named after Eberhard’s father.

via Police chief’s retirement unexpected – Palos Verdes Peninsula News : News.

I have an article in the PV News this week.

Letter To A Young Journalist | Gangrey.com

When I was starting out, my editor often told me what the story was about before I ever went out to report it — so I tried to tailor my questions and observations and even the writing to what I thought the editor wanted. But the story you set out to get isn’t always the story that’s really there, or the best way to tell it, or even a true reflection of whatever reality you’re trying to capture.

from Letter To A Young Journalist | Gangrey.com, via Jim Romenesko


how to newspaper blog in this new era of news by @busblog

there are some institutions who still believe that to newspaper blog means to assign reporters to newspaper stories

and then have someone else publish their newspaper stories into a blog once it goes through the copy editors.

they also believe that in order to “feed the blog” they need to hire people other than their actual reporters to “blog” on the “blog”.

unfortunately this is 2013, almost 2014 and that is like hiring someone else to kiss your wife.


if you are lucky enough to have hundreds of reporters, aka writers, on your payroll, one way to STAY ALIVE online

is to OMG have all of those writers OMG write OMG everyday.

i’m not talking 30-inch masterpieces, im suggesting 3-4 paragraph blurbs. about things they know about, but will never newspaper about

things they experienced, like, oh i dont know, when a Laker/Clipper Kardasian caused a three-car accident and they were one of the cars.

or how about the record they heard or the movie they saw or the funny quote the mayor said to them in an elevator…

via how to newspaper blog in this new era of news | busblog.

I’ve mentioned before my love of  Tony Pierce. The dude knows his stuff.

Here is an amazing post with lots of links to other great posts about the Miley Cyrus debacle.

Here’s the thing: historically, black women have had very little agency over their bodies. From being raped by white slave masters to the ever-enduring stereotype that black women can’t be raped, black women have been told over and over and over again, that their bodies are not their own. By bringing these “homegirls with the big butts” out onto the stage with her and engaging in a one-sided interaction with her ass, (not even her actual person!) Miley has contributed to that rhetoric. She made that woman’s body a literal spectacle to be enjoyed by her legions of loyal fans. Not only was that the only way that Miley interacted with any of the other people onstage with her, but all of her backup dancers were “black women with big butts” as Violet_Baudelaire so astutely pointed out. So not only are black women’s bodies being used as props, but they are also props that are only worthy of interaction if that interaction involves sexualization.

via Solidarity is For Miley Cyrus: The Racial Implications of her VMA Performance.


I want to reread this when I have more time and click through more links. I have an idea for a longer project involving this discussion, and these links help out a lot with the research.


(for my fellow J students, this is also a great example of linking in a blog entry, citing sources digitally and using quotes for emphasis!)

A new look for the El Camino Union…

Today marks the first publishing date for the Union during the 2013-14 school year.

Most of the editors on staff spent time this week redesigning their pages.

Gary Metzker, Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper designer, is one of the instructors in our program this year, and he helped me to make some much-desired changes to my page. I was very excited when I saw the way the pages looked once done.

So excited, that I missed a crucial error that should have been fixed before we went to print.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how student journalism works. We have many great successes, but it is the failures that we learn from the most.

In which Jimmy Kimmel punks the entire world

Have you seen the video where the girl twerking alone in her apartment inadvertently sets herself on fire?

Chances are you have, as it’s been viewed more than 9.3 million times on YouTube since it was posted Tuesday and has been picked up by numerous news outlets.

Turns out, it was all a hoax, orchestrated by none other than Jimmy Kimmel.

via Epic ‘Twerk Fail’ Video Turns Out to Be a Hoax Masterminded by Jimmy Kimmel (Video).


Well played, Jimmy Kimmel. Well played. That video had me screaming laughing in bed at 6:30 a.m. one day last week. I’m sure my neighbors did not appreciate it.

I know that there is a deeper message here that goes further than the hoax itself.

I think Jimmy was clever for pulling this off, but as a person who is studying media, it makes me want to point at it and jump up and down and ask people to note that if Jimmy Kimmel can pull this off, so can other larger media outlets and entities.

Food for thought.

Today is page deadline day for issue one…

I already know I am going to fail the deadline for page 5, and I want to scream.

I purposely set everyone’s deadlines so I could get everything edited and onto the page on time. So what happened?

One of my reporters completed her assignment on time, and I was so happy about that because she is new and just learning the ropes, but she went right out and handled her beat like a star.

The problem? We are missing half the attribution information for each of the six quotes she got. It is highly unlikely that she would be able to track down those six people again to get that information, so we are likely going to have to go back to the drawing board and get six new quotes along with six new photos.

I don’t blame the reporter; I blame myself.

As an editor, part of my job is to make sure that I explain everything about the assignment in detail so that the writer knows what they are looking for when they go out and start work on a story. This really means every detail, because some things that may seem obvious to a person that has been on the paper for three semesters is not so obvious for someone who is just starting out in both J1 and J11 simultaneously.

In short, I messed up, and now I will pay for it in my grade, because not having that info means I fail the page deadline.

This will never happen again.

I hope.


On a Friday night, I like to sit in the Starbucks by USC and people watch while I drink coffee and do homework…

I am actually trolling Camayak right now, like it’s a social networking site or something. From the comment feed, I can see that Jessica is active in it as well, and so we’ve basically turned the comments into a chat room as we go through and turn pitches made by Union staff into real assignments.


Listen. You wish your Friday night was this live.