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Wanna See White People Act a Fool?

Generic Police Image

Generic Police Image (iStock)

In a study that was released on Monday, researchers found that police officers are more like to speak with less respect to Black people than they are to white people, which is something that is not shocking to anyone who has ever spent one day being Black in America. We’ve been saying this for years.

No, the best part of this is that when I wrote a post about it on The Root titled, “Research Suggests Police Speak Less Respectfully to Black People,” and let me tell you that as I write this, there are 132 comments, mostly from white people, making excuses as to why it’s OK that this is a true statistic. Mind you, they are not denying it at all; they are giving various reasons as to why it’s justified and Black people deserve it.

But don’t take my word for it; go read them for yourself.

White Fragility Leads to White Violence: Why Conversations About Race With White People Fall Apart

A piece I wrote for The Root earlier this week on the difficulty of having conversations about racism with white people.

“It just so happens that the political category of whiteness means nothing but ‘I am better than something else,’” he told me in a recent conversation on racism. “What whiteness means is that I’m not black and I’m not nonwhite, and therefore I deserve extra privileges.”

What those privileges mean is being above reproach and critique and being able to feel safe and comfortable in all spaces, wrapped within a bubble of whiteness. And because that hold on whiteness and white supremacy is so important, the unpleasant side effect of white fragility often rears its ugly head.

“What is important to remember about white fragility and white discomfort is that when white people are scared, people die,” Ciccariello-Maher said. He cited the example of Jordan Davis, who dared to sit in a car with music loudly playing as a white man was present.

Source: White Fragility Leads to White Violence: Why Conversations About Race With White People Fall Apart

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