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Featured on the soundtrack to GTA V, this song is a stone-cold groove. It is perfect for your summer barbecue with your aunties and uncles. Here is your ear-worm for the day. I just added this to “They Sang That.”

Drake’s “All Me” is the ultimate theme music to walk into work to

I live my life with music. I have a theme song for everything, and those theme songs often change depending on what type of mood I am in. One theme song that has remained a constant since I first heard it is Drake’s “All Me.” From his album Nothing Was The Same, the song features 2 Chainz and Big Sean, and it is a banger.

This is one of those songs I play when I want to get hyped for the day. It gets me pumped and motivated to do good work, just like a theme song should do.

Blondie’s Deborah Harry turns 69 today. Happy Birthday, Debbie!

If you are a child of the 80s, then Blondie is part of your era of music. Deborah Harry’s easily recognizable blonde locks and signature vocal stylings were hard to miss in the early part of that decade. From “Call Me” to “The Tide Is High” to “One Way Or Another,” she rocked us through our preteen years and into adolescence all while never changing her style up.

In celebration of Debbie’s birthday, here are some Blondie favorites for your listening and YouTube viewing pleasure.


“Natural High” by Bloodstone seeds today’s mood enhancing playlist

At 12:15 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon it is already 85 degrees outside, and I haven’t even begun to do my hair. It’s going to be another scorcher in Los Angeles, and all I can focus on is finding a way to keep cool.

Perhaps a chilled mind will lead to a chilled body (ha), so with that in mind, I seed today’s Google Play Music radio station on Bloodstone’s “Natural High.”

Happy Saturday.


“Backseat Freestyle” by Kendrick Lamar is today’s theme song

Martin had a dream; Martin had a dream; Kendrick have a dream; All my life I want money and power; respect my mind or die from lead shower; I pray my dick get big as The Eiffel Tower; so I can fuck the world for 72 hours…

From those opening lines all the way until the end of the song I am dancing in my seat and ready to hit replay at least ten more times when this song comes on my playlist. This is my Happy. It doesn’t hurt that the video has Sherane shaking that ass like a salt shaker in front of a Lincoln while Kendrick does his thing. Get some.


I’ve recently discovered that I am unable to have any music playing when I’m attempting to read something for understanding.

I was trying to read something for MCO 435, and my concentration kept being broken by the music playing in my background.

I can have all kinds of music playing when I’m writing. In fact, I have to have music playing when I’m writing.

Attempting to have music playing while reading something has me going back over what I just read several times.

Is it just me, or do other people suffer from this affliction as well?

Let me know in the comments. I need someone to cosign this so that I don’t think I’m crazy.

You can almost always get me to listen to your track if it contains a sample from Faze-O’s “Riding High”

In case you are unaware or unsure of the original track, here it is:

According to Wikipedia, Faze-O was a “late 1970s funk band based in Chicago, Illinois and produced by Clarence Satchell of the Ohio Players. ”

According to, “Riding High” has been sampled in 78 songs.

I was reminded of how much I like this song and the various interpolations of it living in hip hop when Ice Cube’s “Record Company Pimpin'” came on my Google Play Music radio station today. I’d never heard Cube’s take on it before (I admittedly have faded in and out on Ice Cube ever since the Lethal Injection album).

There are of course other takes on it that are equally good, if not better.

For example, a discussion on this golden hip hop sample would be totally incomplete without mentioning EPMD’s contribution “Please Listen To My Demo.”

Additionally, there is Kriss Kross’ “Tonite’s tha Night.” I remember especially liking the video for this one when it came out.

Other notable mentions include:

Ghostface Killah, Method Man and Masta Killa with “Killa Lipstick”

Black Moon’s “Shit Iz Real” (although the sample used here is not as evident as the other uses across hip hop; the production uses the high strings rather than the entire melody)

Rodney O and Joe Cooley “Rollin in My Ride”

I love playing “Guess The Sample” while listening to hip hop. Although sampling has had its battles in the past, I think as long as the original artists are respected and credited for their work, this is a good way to keep their music alive.

Are there any good samples of “Riding High” that I missed? Let me know in the comments. 

“Til Tomorrow” should have been the go to slow jam from Midnight Love, not “Sexual Healing”

I’ve said it before; “Til Tomorrow” is my favorite track off the Midnight Love album.

This will never get old.

Giving My Name Is My Name a listen. Finally. Don’t judge me.

The Brain Food playlist on Spotify

The first song to play on the Viral 50 playlist on Spotify.

The first track that played on my current Spotify playlist:

Hypnotize will always get me going.

That part where Eminem raps super fast like JJ Fad at the end of Supersonic. Except he was really saying something though.

Rap GodEminem

Music is a big part of how I get through my day, so I’m thankful for Spotify

And no, this isn’t a paid endorsement for Spotify or anything like that. Spotify just happens to be my music listening tool at the present moment.

I had previously used a paid subscription, but I’ve recently begun experimenting with using the free version to see how I like it . I’m curious as to whether or not it is worth it to continue a paid subscription versus just using the free version and subscribing to lists. Any input from the audience is welcome.

And so it was that this morning I was looking for something to listen to while writing, and under the browse button I found the Hip Hop Monsters playlist. Our differing definitions of hip hop set aside for the time being, I decided to give it a listen.

One of the songs that came up was this little ditty featuring Miley Cyrus (I can’t believe I just name-dropped her here, but whatever).

I wasn’t looking at the Spotify app when this came on, so I had no idea who I was  listening to, but discovering that it was her did not make me turn away in disgust. In fact, I starred the track.

While browsing, I came across the Workday – Indie list, which has the description “Get through your workday with 8 hours of indie.”

I like discovering new music, so I will be giving that one a whirl at a later time.

I feel obligated to follow the Viral 50 list, because I need to be in tune to what’s hip with the youngsters these days.

If you have a Spotify profile and you think I should be following you and your music choices, please let me know in the comments.


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