Before the 60 day comment period on these new rules began on May 15, the FCC had already received more than 3 million pleas from the public NOT to end network neutrality, the technical name for the principle that all content from every provider should be freely available to all comers over the internet. This should have stopped the FCC and the Obama administration in its tracks. But the White House and the FCC are not listening.

It will take a vigorous and sustained public outcry to stop the FCC from turning the internet, originally designed and built by government employees with billions of your tax dollars, into a privatized corporate plantation, much like cable TV.

via Act NOW! Obama FCC “Fast Lane Internet” Proposals Are The End of the Open Internet | Black Agenda Report.

This is so important, and it’s sad that no one is paying attention. People are blindly going through life while things continue to happen that impact the way they live on the daily, and they only take notice after the change has been made. Here is an opportunity to act before the change is made. Do something. Stand for something. Share this information just like you share those Kermit or DaQuan memes, or soon you won’t be able to share even those.