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I just wrote a column about the miscommunications that occur between me and my man friend. I think it is hilarious, but when he reads it, he will probably be annoyed. He will be annoyed even though I have stated all the things I say in the column to him face to face. He has heard all of this before, but he will still be annoyed, further proving my point that men don’t pay attention to the details.

I’ve said this to you before, honey.

Geography professor runs around the world chasing his dream

photo credit: phil prins/union

Okay, that’s not what the headline for the story was, but that’s what I named it when I uploaded it in Camayak.

One of our professors at El Camino, Matt Ebiner, was the top male veteran finisher in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon.

I had the opportunity to interview him about his experience and write a story.

The print article went to another writer, but that’s OK, because that’s how we roll here at the Union. Two separate interviews equal double the information for you.

Ebiner leads group trips to international destinations when he is not teaching. While planning one such trip to India and Nepal, he found out about the marathon and decided to add extra time to his trip to allow him to compete in the race.

“As I was looking at a website for the running and racing calendar of India, I thought it would be great if I found out about a race that would work into this trip schedule,” Ebiner said. “It turned out this Mumbai marathon was just a few days after the trip finished, so my wife, daughter and I stayed a little bit extra and went to that race.”

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