‘Tougher’ screening coming to U.S. airports – The Washington Post

“It’s not clear what specific changes the federal government will announce. President Obama said Monday that the government would increase passenger screenings for Ebola in the United States and Africa. The White House said Tuesday that the new measures will be released in “the coming days.”

Schumer said federal officials are grappling with logistical challenges as they move toward implementing new safeguards.”

via ‘Tougher’ screening coming to U.S. airports – The Washington Post.

This article doesn’t really provide many details other than the fact that an announcement is forthcoming, so these thoughts are based purely on supposition and conjecture, but what type of additional screening are they planning to do? Are we soon to be donating DNA as soon as we reach the airport? I’m not sure how you can do additional screening for Ebola unless the plan is to simply ask questions of those coming from countries known to have a presence of the disease.