What Chewbacca Mom’s rise to fame tells us about race in this country | The Daily Dot

It’s also true that the real rewards typically reaped for online success tend to heavily favor insta-celebrities who are white. Content derived from black users of Twitter, Vine, or Snapchat is often sidelined as part of a monolithic Black Twitter. Black users of social media often have a comparable—if not larger—effect on the digital conversation and create moments, pictures, jokes, and movements that deeply root themselves into the mass culture. Yet, as Payne’s success highlights, that’s often ignored when it comes to big payouts for fleeting social media fame.

Source: What Chewbacca Mom’s rise to fame tells us about race in this country | The Daily Dot

Los Angeles Times hires ‘Black Twitter’ reporter 

A leaked internal memo from Los Angeles Times Managing Editor S. Mitra Kalita alerted the newspaper’s staff that journalist Dexter Thomas was recently hired to cover “Black Twitter,” along with other online communities including “Black Medium” and “Latino Tumblr.”

Source: Los Angeles Times hires ‘Black Twitter’ reporter – The Washington Post

Imagine that. A reporter with a beat assignment that covers all things colored on social media.

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Jet Magazine Stops Printing; #DearAbby and a new GTA Online Update – This morning’s links

via NYTimes: “Jet was important in the civil rights movement.”

After nearly 63 years of publishing weekly news relevant to the black community, Jet Magazine will cease printing in June.

Johnson Publishing Company, the owner of Jet, will focus on digital publishing delivered through its website and a paid subscription app.

Desiree’ Rogers, chief executive of Johnson Publishing, said the move makes sense because African-Americans get their news and information from mobile devices, and readers are demanding more interactive content.

Still, barber shops everywhere are weeping right now, I’m sure. (via Jezebel)

Dear Abby: What is left cheek, right cheek?

Dear Abby got trolled by someone asking a question regarding the definition of ‘twerking.’

No, I’m not kidding.

[image via @trev_annis]

[image via @trev_annis]

Gawker pointed out the obvious trolling, and I have to agree. Anyone who hasn’t searched YouTube or Google for the definition of twerking obviously has not gotten their life yet. Here, let me help you:

 You’re nobody until #BlackTwitter roasts you

The aforementioned fake question on Dear Abby did not escape the attention of #BlackTwitter, and the #DearAbby hash tag is good for a few laughs. Here are some of my favorites:


We all love free restaurant bread



Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits


Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits are the G.O.A.T. of free restaurant bread, and BuzzFeed agrees with me. I’d argue that the Macaroni Grill bread should rate higher on the list, and Olive Garden bread sticks go without saying.

For you GTA Online lovers out there, Rockstar Games announced that the High Life update will be live on Tuesday, May 13.

Rockstar promises five new apartments for purchase

The update will be an automatic one, and it will include five new apartments, new apartment interiors, a new shotgun, four new vehicles, and the ability to own two distinct properties.

Rockstar says it will be adding new apartments to already established prime real estate such as Eclipse Towers and Richards Majestic, adding a non-contact feature to races to prevent bumping, and adding five new contact missions to the list of available jobs.



Black Twitter growing into online force

Mainstream U.S. media first took serious notice of Black Twitter last year, when it abruptly rose up to scuttle a book deal for a juror in the trial of Zimmerman, who was acquitted of murder in the death of Trayvon Martin. That was the first time that blacks used Twitter “in a very powerful and political way,” said Houston black social media consultant Crystal Washington.

Most recently, Black Twitter reared its head through hashtags like #stopthefight, to protest a proposed celebrity boxing match supposedly between Zimmerman and rapper DMX. The promoter quickly canceled after a flood of Twitter complaints.

Such death-by-Twitter activism could very well be the harbinger of a new civil rights strategy, Ellis said. She noted that a short amount of time elapsed between the moment Black Twitter noticed the juror’s book deal and the moment it was called off. The same was true of the Zimmerman boxing match.

via Black Twitter growing into online force.


Black Twitter growing into online force | Inquirer Technology

When a US jury convicted Michael Dunn of attempted murder, but not actual murder, in the shooting death of a black teenager, the hashtag #dangerousblackchildren popped up on Twitter. Users posted photos of black babies and toddlers, making fun of the fear that Dunn testified he felt before opening fire on a carful of teens at a convenience store.

That hashtag was the calling card of Black Twitter, a small corner of the social media giant where an unabashedly black spin on life gets served up in 140-character installments.

Black Twitter shares opinions on everything from President Barack Obama to the latest TV reality show. But Black Twitter can also turn activist quickly.

via Black Twitter growing into online force | Inquirer Technology.


Black Twitter: A virtual community ready to hashtag out a response to cultural issues – The Washington Post

Black Twitter is part cultural force, cudgel, entertainment and refuge. It is its own society within Twitter, replete with inside jokes, slang and rules, centered on the interests of young blacks online — almost a quarter of all black Internet users are on Twitter.

There’s no password. The only entry fee is knowledge. If you’ve spent time steeped in black culture, whether at a historically black college or university or in the company of friends or family, you will probably understand the references on Black Twitter.

via Black Twitter: A virtual community ready to hashtag out a response to cultural issues – The Washington Post.

Today’s funny comes from the #BlackTwitterWelcomeManual Trending Topic

Twitter user @BeccaRum (whose account has since been suspended) tweeted about feeling excluded from #BlackTwitter because she is white.

There were some funny responses:

And then this happened:

Followed by a lot of hilarity. I have put together a list of my favorite ones in no particular order:

Take a look at the hash tag on Twitter and find your own favorites.