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The Game – “Ali Bomaye”

This is one of my favorite songs from the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack. Nothing beats rolling through the streets of Los Santos putting in work as this blasts through your speakers. Today’s get crunk playlist begins with this gem from The Game featuring Rick Ross and 2 Chainz.

I had an incredible craving for fried chicken wings and french fries earlier today, and I opted to eat peanut butter on 12 grain bread instead. Not exactly the fried fats I wanted, but definitely better for me and my body.

I once considered driving for Uber; now I’m not so sure

In the last few weeks, I’ve seen more than one Uber driver lamenting the way Uber fare drops are negatively impacting their ability to earn money while driving for the popular service.

French Montana – “Fuck What Happens Tonight”

Sometimes you need a song that combines the slow wine aesthetic of dancehall reggae and the grittiness of hardcore street rap. I am getting all of that right now from this DJ Khaled produced track. I got my gun on me!

When you are thirsty, drink water

I have been working on making sure I get enough water in every single day. It is a lot harder than you might think, but I believe I am mastering this new skillset.

Some thoughts on activism and activists both old and new

The old guard is afraid of these new activists. Legacy media is afraid of social media. Do not be fooled. They will attempt to confuse you by saying they are concerned about the movement or the medium. They are not.  

Today is as much about Mike Brown as it is about Dr.King who fought tirelessly against the very thing that is happening to the Mike Browns of today, so how can an organization that is supposed to be concerned with the ADVANCEMENT OF COLORED PEOPLE really stand there trying to hold on to the past when social injustice against people of color is happening right now?

The problem is, what was once an organization based in activism has become nothing more than a money-making business with its own agenda that is far removed from what its founders originally envisioned. More effort is put into fundraising and making money for the organization than is put into exacting change.

This is why they are threatened by the new guard. The new guard is out on the streets doing the work the way Dr. King did it, and they don’t need a huge “nonprofit” organization behind them to do it.

When they see people like Deray and Johnetta organizing and getting things done without any help from them, they get nervous. They try to throw out misinformation stating the movement is disorganized and doesn’t have any leadership. They are afraid of the power the young people hold in moving this country forward in the right direction. Power never wants to relenquish power, but the new activists have shown that they can wrestle that power away in just a few tweets, and to a generation of people who are used to having it their way and their way alone, that is scary.



This brings to mind the SNL skit from this past weekend featuring Kenan Thompson as Dr. King. In case you missed it, here it is:


Under the guise of criticizing the Oscars snubbing Selma, Saturday Night Live manages to subtly shade activism that begins on Twitter. Its critique of the way millennials do activism reveals a fear of the new and the unknown.

I’ve seen many criticisms of Twitter, Facebook, and social media in general, but the simple fact is, in the early days of Ferguson, more accurate information came from the social media accounts of those on the ground than from national media organizations whose job it is to report the news and keep the people informed.

Again, this is a scary concept for legacy media. We live in the world of the 24/7 news cycle, and the desire to be first with every scoop has usurped the ideal of being accurate. These days it seems that legacy media serves as more of a publicity spin machine for government than an actual watchdog of it.

The accurate stories are coming from the Twitter and Vine accounts of those in the movement, on the ground, doing the work, and not seeking glory for it.

The next time you hear someone saying the movement is not organized, I encourage you to follow the accounts of Deray, Charles, Netta, and others in the movement and get the real news.

Supporting them is a form of activism too.

Today we celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. In the middle of this generation’s epic social justice movement, we remember the work of Dr. King while looking forward to what the work of the new leaders will bring.

The Amber Rose Diaries

I’ve decided that I am going to write a post each day that Amber Rose posts new pics on Instagram a series of posts dedicated to Amber Rose and her Instagram account. You mad, or nah?

I consider this a part of my job as an information curator. You are welcome.

Muva 🌹

A post shared by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

Dear Amber Rose,

Yesterday you posted some pictures on Instagram, and the Internet collectively lost its mind. You are so beautiful, Amber. What did we do to deserve you?

🌊 Shades Available on @roseandono 🌊

A post shared by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

For the record, yesterday was not my first time noticing you, but it was the first time I felt compelled by something within me to share your beauty with the world.

You are everything.

Have you ever seen Harlem Nights? Remember that scene where Della Reese is describing Sunshine?

That’s who you are, Amber. You are our sunshine. We cannot get enough of you. We want to bask in your glory at the risk of being burned by your hotness.

About last night 🌹

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I hope you keep blessing us with these gifts, because we stand here ready to receive.

And good lord, do we appreciate it.

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Relevant to my interests:

Metro plans to add cellular and WiFi service in some of the underground stations. This is huge! I am an almost daily user of the LA subway system, and my one lament is the lack of cellular or WiFi services underground.

7th and Metro Center Station in Downtown LA

7th and Metro Center Station in Downtown LA

Wi-Fi will be accessible at station platforms but not in a moving train, Fischer said. Uninterrupted cellular service will be available from the street to the platforms to inside moving trains, he said.

via Los Angeles subway will get WiFi, cellular phone service

13-year-old Canadian girls on the right track

I want to give a shout out to the two 13-year-old Canadian girls who want to end rape culture by creating a consent culture and teaching this program in their health education classes. Good job, ladies!

2Pac performs “Keep Your Head Up” in classroom

We all know that Tupac Shakur was a special human being. My heart melts watching him perform “Keep Your Head Up” acapella in a classroom full of students. This video has made it’s way around the Internet and back again, but I’m sharing it anyway. Enjoy.

Crooked I “Everythang” is starting my day off today

Crooked I’s “Everythang” is the perfect combination of West Coast Gangster Rap and Twerk anthem, at least in my opinion. You can get crunk to it, and you can shake your ass to it. I do both.

I’m here for our West Coast rappers because as I’ve said before in various spaces, they make their music for US. The fact that people everywhere else enjoy the music as well is just bonus points in my opinion.

So now enjoy the lyrical mastery of “Everythang” and thank me later.

When you’re done being ratchet, check out the protest song he made called “I Can’t Breathe”  complete with a video showing scenes from protests and the death of Eric Garner. Power visual imagery to say the least.


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