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I love collecting quotes. There’s nothing like someone giving a good word.

Being media literate means understanding why having such knowledge is important. Here, Patricia Aufderheide outlines 8 key principles in media literacy.

How well do you understand what it means to be media literate?

Dan Gillmor is singing my song here, so I will likely be quoting from this book quite a bit. It’s the text we are using for MCO 494 Special Topics: Digital Media Literacy, and Dan is the instructor for the course.


When you seek to make black people palatable to white audiences, the tendency is to either strip them of everything there is to being black, or overemphasize characteristics that are only stereotypical black traits because the media says so.

I’m watching a documentary on a different topic, but it opened up on this quote, and I had to pause it so that I could get it down.

Think about this quote as you read and view media. Think about what representations of black people are put out into the public to devalue lives.


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