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Roger Moore, Popular For His Portrayal of British Spy James Bond, Dead at 89

Roger Moore in Octopussy

The Hollywood Reporter screenshot

Roger Moore, the handsome British actor who portrayed James Bond on film seven times, has died at the age of 89.

Moore’s children took to his official Twitter account on Tuesday to announce the death, saying, “With the heaviest of hearts, we must share the awful news that our father, Sir Roger Moore, passed away today. We are all devastated.”

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Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sergeant Shot in Lancaster, Calif

Reports initially said that two sheriff’s deputies had been shot and wounded, but that was later changed to one.The unnamed sheriff’s sergeant was transported Antelope Valley Hospital and listed in grave condition. Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris told the LA Times that the sergeant had been shot in the face. He did not name the officer.Students at Antelope Valley College reported hearing the gunshots, and the college issued a shelter-in-place order. Students were advised to avoid the area and wait for further instructions. Other schools in the area were also locked down.

Source: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sergeant Shot in Lancaster, Calif

Georgetown takes steps to correct a slave owning past

In 1838, a debt-ridden Jesuit university sold off 272 slaves in order to remain financially solvent. That institution, now known as Georgetown University, is seeking to make amends for its historical ties to slavery.

The New York Times reports that in a speech given on Thursday, Georgetown’s president John J. DeGioia outlined the university’s plans to do penance for its past sins, including a public apology, and preferential admissions for descendants of the slaves that were sold for profit.

John J. DeGioia, president, Georgetown University

John J. DeGioia, president, Georgetown University

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Supreme Court Brings Marriage Equality To The Entire Country

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex couples across the country have a constitutional right to marry, regardless of what state they live in. This brings marriage equality to all of the states where same-sex marriage bans were still in place or still being enforced to some extent: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan. The precedent would also apply to U.S. territories, including Puerto Rico.

Source: Supreme Court Brings Marriage Equality To The Entire Country | ThinkProgress

Prisoner in van with Freddie Gray speaks out | MSNBC


Chris Hayes talks to Jayne Miller, the WBAL reporter who interviewed interviewed Donta Allen, who was the 2nd prisoner in the police van along with Freddie Gray.

Source: Prisoner in van with Freddie Gray speaks out | MSNBC

This makes absolutely no sense. There are now way too many holes in this story.

  1. The Washington Post article says that the prisoner who was in the van with Freddie Gray alleged that he thought Freddie Gray intentionally hurt himself.  In this interview, the guy is clearly saying that he thinks the police hurt him.
  2. The WaPo article said the other inmate was 38 years old. I know black doesn’t crack, but this guy is clearly not 38 years old.
  3. The WaPo article says that the identity of this man was being protected for fear that something would happen to him. He’s clearly on television giving interviews, so how does that make sense?
  4. How long are we supposed to continue swallowing this bullshit?
  5. In his version of the story, he says he was arrested for stealing a cigarette? The WaPo article says he was arrested for violating a protective order. Uh…

Watch the video for yourself and tell me what you think.

BREAKING: First diagnosed case of Ebola in New York City

A doctor in New York City who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in Guinea tested positive for the Ebola virus Thursday, becoming the city’s first diagnosed case.

The doctor, Craig Spencer, was rushed to Bellevue Hospital Center on Thursday and placed in isolation while health care workers spread out across the city to trace anyone he might have come into contact with in recent days. A further test will be conducted by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to confirm the initial test.

via Doctor in New York City Tests Positive for Ebola –

BREAKING: Eric Holder To Resign As Attorney General

Holder plans to make the announcement, which was first reported by NPR’s Carrie Johnson, at a press conference at the White House on Thursday afternoon. The 63-year-old will call his tenure as attorney general in the “greatest honor” of his professional life, according to a Justice Department official.

The White House has not announced a candidate to replace Holder, who has a close personal relationship with President Barack Obama. Holder discussed his plans with Obama on several occasions over the last few months, and finalized his decision at the White House residence over Labor Day weekend, according to a DOJ official. If Holder stays in office until December, he will become the third-longest serving attorney general in the history of the United States.

via Eric Holder To Resign As Attorney General.

Steve Ballmer to buy Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion

Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO, has won a bid to buy the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion after embattled owner Donald Sterling was forced to sell, the LA Times reported Thursday.

Ballmer, who was chief executive of Microsoft for 14 years, was chosen over competitors that included Los Angeles-based investors Tony Ressler and Bruce Karsh and a group that included David Geffen and executives from the Guggenheim Group, the Chicago-based owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, according to three individuals familiar with the negotiations.

The team was estimated to be worth an estimated $557 million dollars earlier this year.

According to the Times, the Geffen group bid $1.6 billion, and Ressler bid $1.2 billion.

The deal still has to be approved by 29 NBA owners, but is expected to go through as long as Ballmer agrees to not move the franchise from Los Angeles.

Ballmer states that he has no intention of moving the Clippers from Los Angeles, which has the second biggest media market in the country.

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