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#Flint: It’s Been Over 1,200 Days Since the City Had Clean Water

Flint Michigan Water Tower

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The people of Flint, Mich., still do not have clean water in their taps, but what they do have is a three-and-a-half-year legacy of bureaucratic bullshit and red tape, lead poisoning, outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease, sick babies and children, and a whole lot of back-and-forth between the city and the state over who is going to fix the various problems related to the crisis and how.

Read “#Flint: An Update and a Reminder That It Has Been 1,196 Days Since the Mich. City Had Clean Drinking Water

Aurora, Colo. Pays $110,000 To Black Man Who Was Unlawfully Detained and Tased By Police

Darsean Kelley

ACLU video screenshot

Another day, another video showing law enforcement abusing their powers against a black man, but this time, the case ends with the city of Aurora, Colo., agreeing to pay $110,000 to settle a claim brought by the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado on behalf of Darsean Kelley, who was unlawfully stopped, detained, and tased by Aurora police just as he informed them, “I know my rights.”

Read “Unlawful Detention and Tasing Claim on Behalf of Black Man Ends With $110,000 Settlement

Black People Can’t Even Mind Their Own Business Without Being Harassed By Cops

Marlin Gipson

Marlin Gipson (courtesy of Lee Merritt)

Lee Merritt, the Philadelphia-based attorney representing 20-year-old Marlin Gipson; his 22-year-old brother, Marcus Gipson; and 21-year-old Devontae Williams, said in a written statement that the three young men were out mowing lawns and promoting their yard-care business, D&M Lawn Services, in their own neighborhood when they were approached by Deputy Shane Cates of the Harris County Constable Precinct 1.

Read “Another Day, Another Video Showing Black People Being Harassed by Law Enforcement

What is Wrong With Giving Money to the Homeless?

Cheyenne Police Department

Cheyenne Police Department/Facebook

Mahatma Gandhi said, “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members,” and this statement rings true today, especially in these United States. With the homeless population remaining an often overlooked segment of our population, it takes a special kind of dick to kick a man while he’s down and shame the people who tried to help him in their own way.

Read “Wyo. Police Arrest Homeless Person, Shame Public for Giving to Panhandlers

How Long Should An Officer Have Before Making a Statement After a Fatal Shooting?



Police officers in Portland, Ore., who were involved in a shooting that resulted in death or serious physical injury were previously given 48 hours during which they could consult with an attorney before having to make a statement about the shooting. It was a rule that was objected to by advocates for police accountability.

Read “Is 48 Hours Too Long To Wait For a Police Officer To Give a Statement After a Fatal Shooting? 

Prosecutor in Lequan McDonald Cover-Up Case Seeks to Remove Pro-Police Judge

Laquan McDonald Shooting

A chalk body outline re-creates the crime scene where 17-year-old Laquan McDonald was shot 16 times by then-Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke. (Max Herman/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Special prosecutor Patricia Brown Holmes, who indicted three Chicago police officers on charges that they covered up the circumstances of the Laquan McDonald shooting, moved to remove the judge in the case on the grounds that she is “prejudiced” against the prosecution.

Read “Special Prosecutor in Case of Officers Charged With Cover-Up in Laquan McDonald Shooting Seeks to Remove ‘Pro-Police’ Judge

700 Airport Workers at JFK, LaGuardia and Newark Walk Off the Job

Jet Blue

Passengers check in at the Jet Blue terminal at JFK airport in New York on Monday, Feb. 19, 2007. PrimeFlight Inc., subcontracts ground and terminal service employees to Jet Blue.  (AP Photo/Rick Maiman)

Transportation problems in New York City and surrounding areas just got a bit more complicated. On the heels of subway woes and the official beginning of the “summer of hell,” hundreds of airport workers at JFK, LaGuardia and Newark walked off their jobs in a labor dispute at 9 p.m. Tuesday night.

Read “New York’s ‘Summer of Hell’ Just Got Worse: JFK, LaGuardia, Newark Airport Employees Walk Off Job in Labor Dispute

Philando Castile’s Killer Reaches Separation Agreement with City

Philando Castile

Philando Castile (Facebook)

Just three weeks after he was acquitted of all charges connected to the shooting death of Philando Castile, St. Anthony Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez signed a separation agreement with the city Monday to leave the department in exchange for $48,500.

Read “#PhilandoCastile: Killer Cop Receives $48,500 Buyout To Leave St. Anthony Police Department

Black Lives Matter LA Issues Demand to NRA

Black Lives Matter LA

Black Lives Matter LA (YouTube screenshot)

Last week the NRA reposted a controversial propaganda video disguised as a recruitment ad that takes aim at the Black Lives Matter movement and uses lies in order to whip its supporters into a frenzy and encourage them to take up arms to protect themselves from a supposed enemy. Friday, a Black Lives Matter chapter in Los Angeles shot back with a video of its own.

Read “Black Lives Matter Demands NRA Remove ‘Dangerous Propaganda’ Videos

Minnesota’s Governor Wants to Name Police Training Fund After Philando Castile

Philando Castile

Philando Castile (Facebook)

Does this seem like the right thing to do?

Thursday marked the one-year anniversary of Philando Castile’s shooting death at the hands of St. Anthony Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez, and Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton marked the occasion by recommending the state’s Police Officer Standards and Training Board be named after Castile.

Read “Minn., Governor Wants to Name Police Training Fund After Philando Castile

New Black Panther Party Clashes With Baton Rouge Police at Alton Sterling Demonstration

New Black Panther Party

New Black Panther clashes with Baton Rouge police Party (The Advocate video screenshot)

A New Black Panther Party demonstration Wednesday to mark the one-year anniversary of the police shooting that left Alton Sterling dead turned into a confrontation with police and ended with seven people arrested after demonstrators attempted to march through a barricade line at Baton Rouge police headquarters.

Read “New Black Panther Party Protest on Anniversary of Alton Sterling Shooting Leads to Confrontation With Police

Undocumented Minors Must Be Given A Hearing Before Being Detained: Federal Court Ruling


Bryan Cox/U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement via Getty Images

A three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously Wednesday that undocumented minors who enter the country without permission must be given a hearing to determine whether they can be released.

Read “Federal Court Rules Undocumented Minors Cannot Be ‘Contained’ Without A Hearing 

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