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I’m just testing stuff. Don’t mind me.

How do quote posts look in the Hemingway theme? Let’s find out!

This is just a test to see what “Aside” posts look like on the “Hemingway” theme.

Nothing to see here.

Twitter profile update

After thoughtful consideration, I am finally removing “first of all, bitch” from my display name. I use this account to tweet about the articles I write, and it make sense to make it more readily accessible through search via my own name.

Display Name: Monique Judge

Bio: journalist. womanist. big hair enthusiast. coffee lover. foodie. information curator. your auntie’s favorite auntie.


So often we don’t tell our stories because we think we are the story. We are not. It is not our shame; it is someone else’s. Heed these words to get you through.

I have been out of commission for the last ten days fussing with my eye problems. Today for the first time, I was able to get both contact lenses in without any huge problems. Well, so far. We’ll see how it goes throughout the day.

I have done more research on eye infections and homeopathic remedies in the last week than ever before. I can tell you all about chamomile eye wash and saline solutions.

I hope this never happens again.

Pretty Brown Eyes

My eyes are my best feature I think. Well, my eyes and my lips. Also, I have a really big forehead.

The sole purpose of this post is to test the formatting for the ‘Aside’ post format. Nothing to see here.

What would happen if an aside post had more than forty words in it? Would there be a ‘continue reading’ or ‘more’ link, or would it all still show up on the front page?

What about featured images?

That time Khloe Kardashian tried to slut-shame Amber Rose

Welcome to Women’s History Month, that time of year when we are both commemorative of the achievements of women, and mindful of the mistreatment women continue to endure every single day.

As women, we tend to be some of the worst offenders when it comes to mistreating each other.

Ladies, why do we slut-shame each other? Why do we allow the hand-me-down notion that sexuality is something to be ashamed of to be used against us? Why do we turn this sharp sword in on our fellow sisters in the struggle?

By now you have heard about the twitter altercation between Khloe Kardashian and Amber Rose. If you missed it, here is the Cliff’s Notes version:

Amber Rose gave an interview to Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club on Feb. 13 during which she criticized 25-year-old rapper Tyga for his alleged relationship with 17-year-old Kylie Jenner. During the same interview, Rose also revealed that she started stripping at the age of 15 in order to help support her family.

Khloe got wind of the interview and took to Twitter to defending her sister’s honor. She sent out a tweet comparing her sister to 15-year-old Amber, and said that the youngest Kardashian has her life together at 17.

First of all, Kylie hasn’t done anything in her 17 years to have it together except be born into the right family. Let’s not mistake a silver spoon for any type of real work or struggle.

Secondly, bringing up the stripper past of someone in an attempt to put them in their place is the worst type of behavior, and it runs into the “Mean Girls category when we do it to each other.

A moment of humility would have reminded Khloe that her entire family’s infamy is based on two of the most heinous crimes in history: the Nicole Brown Simpson murder and the Ray J sex tape.

An ability to muddle through her own vacuity would have made Khloe realize that Rose wasn’t dissing her sister; she was dissing Tyga.

Khloe was careful to stay away from the topic of the alleged relationship, and who could blame her? Opening that Pandora’s box would lead to the type of scrutiny her family doesn’t get paid to undergo.

Instead of handling it like a human being, Khloe sank to snake level, and slithered her way (by means of subtweeting no less) into Amber’s Twitter mentions.

Khloe should understand the sting of slut-shaming, because the Ray J sex tape is something that people will not let her sister Kim live down; it comes up regularly when it’s time to crack jokes at Kim’s expense.

This is what we do to each other, ladies. We attack like rabid dogs, tearing each other down over things of a private nature in order to appear to be the morally attractive choice.

The truth is the number of sex partners you have doesn’t matter to anyone other than you and any potential sexual partners.

Being a stripper does not dehumanize you. Wearing revealing clothing is not an automatic societal condemnation.

Don’t believe the hype.

We are women; we are strong, and we give birth to the world.

Your mother had to get sexual at least once; that’s how you got here.

Is she less of a woman for that act? Or is it one of the greatest things she did in her life?

For the rest of Women’s History Month, let’s make a pact to put away our inner mean girls.

Let’s devote our energy to lifting our fellow women up.

And please, no more slut-shaming.



This originally appeared on the El Camino Union website.

If I had to quibble about one thing in this article, it would be the fact that a lot of the very first accounts of events on the ground came from Black Twitter, and Black Twitter amplified the issue.

What is the real definition of tabloid?

As strange as it may sound given most of TMZ’s typical fare — on Tuesday, it posted photos of the socialite Paris Hilton buying a sandwich from a Manhattan Subway — the site’s aggressive coverage of these cases is part of a long journalistic history. Tabloids have always trafficked in gossip and scandal-mongering. The idea was never just to titillate, though; it was, at least in part, to hold the rich and powerful accountable.

“The tabloid was a rebellion against the established social order,” said Neal Gabler, the author of “Winchell: Gossip, Power and the Culture of Celebrity,” placing TMZ squarely in this tradition. “TMZ is an agent provocateur. It’s there to penetrate the veil so that the people on the inside cannot erect these barriers and protect themselves. And that’s what the tabloid is all about.”

via TMZ Broke Ray Rice, Donald Sterling and Jameis Winston Stories in 10-Month Span –

Status: currently perfecting my personal study guide for my MCO 460 Race, Gender, and Media Exam 1 tomorrow. We will have 75 minutes to answer 50 questions. I don’t feel ready, but I will be after tonight. This is, after all, what I love.

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