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Baltimore Police Officer Plants Drugs Then Pretends to Find Them in Drug Bust

Baltimore Police Officer Planting Drugs

Baltimore police officer plants drugs then pretends to find them (Baltimore Sun video screenshot)

A police officer in Baltimore, Md., has been suspended, and two of his colleagues have been placed on non-public contact administrative duty after the public defender’s office released body camera footage that shows the officer planting drugs at a crime scene prior to making an arrest.

Read “Body Camera Footage Shows Baltimore Cop Planting Drugs

Donald Trump Wouldn’t Have Appointed Jeff Sessions If He Had Known He Was a Mark Ass Buster

Donald Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump (Photo by Michael Reynolds – Pool/Getty Images)

Where are your president’s handlers when he needs them? Does he even have handlers? Is there anyone in the White House that is in charge of making sure he doesn’t say stupid stuff to the media he is so critical of? Apparently not, because this latest thing is a doozy.

Read “BIG MAD: Trump Says He Never Would Have Appointed Sessions If He Had Known He Wouldn’t Have His Back With That Whole Russia Thing

Jeff Sessions Just Made It OK For Police to Take Your Property Even If You Haven’t Been Charged With a Crime

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The Justice Department announced on Wednesday that it will be restarting the controversial “adoptive forfeiture” program, which allows local police departments and law enforcement agencies to seize the property of people suspected of a crime, even if they haven’t been charged with or convicted of one.

Read “Jeff Sessions Just Made it Easier For Law Enforcement to Seize Your Assets Even If You Haven’t Been Convicted of A Crime


Rumor About OJ Getting Caught Masturbating Is False

OJ Simpson

O.J. Simpson (R) s (Photo by Steve Marcus-Pool/Getty Images)

A rumor spread across the Internet and social media on Wednesday that alleged OJ Simpson could miss out on the possibility of parole because he had been caught by a female corrections officer masturbating in his cell. People were amused by the fact that something as seemingly innocuous as relieving his sexual urges into a sock (or a tissue or a towel or whatever) could cause OJ to have to remain in prison.

Read “OJ Simpson’s Parole Is NOT In Jeopardy Because He Let Loose the Juice In His Prison Cell

Another Alleged Suicide – Does This Sound Real?

Anthony Garrett

Anthony Garrett (GoFundMe)

Las Vegas Police want us to believe that 16-year-old Anthony Garrett killed himself, but what really happened?

Read “What Really Happened to 16-Year-Old Anthony Garrett? 

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles (a haiku)

Roscoe's Chicken and Waffes

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles (Photo by Monique Judge aka the journalista)

Me, as a dinner

A number one with two thighs

with extra syrup


One of R. Kelly’s Alleged Captives Speaks Out

Jocelyn Savage

Jocelyn Savage, alleged R Kelly sex cult captive (TMZ video screenshot)

The rumors of R. Kelly’s alleged sex cult that is brainwashing women and holding them captive have been swirling on the Internet since the news story broke early this morning, leaving many wondering how so many women could be duped and held against their will by such a disgusting person.

Leave it to TMZ to find the woman whose family gave a news conference Monday accusing Kelly of making 21-year-old Jocelyn Savage, as well as other women, his sex slaves.

Read “Alleged R. Kelly Captive Jocelyn Savage: ‘I’m No Hostage!’

How Long Should An Officer Have Before Making a Statement After a Fatal Shooting?



Police officers in Portland, Ore., who were involved in a shooting that resulted in death or serious physical injury were previously given 48 hours during which they could consult with an attorney before having to make a statement about the shooting. It was a rule that was objected to by advocates for police accountability.

Read “Is 48 Hours Too Long To Wait For a Police Officer To Give a Statement After a Fatal Shooting? 

Prosecutor in Lequan McDonald Cover-Up Case Seeks to Remove Pro-Police Judge

Laquan McDonald Shooting

A chalk body outline re-creates the crime scene where 17-year-old Laquan McDonald was shot 16 times by then-Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke. (Max Herman/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Special prosecutor Patricia Brown Holmes, who indicted three Chicago police officers on charges that they covered up the circumstances of the Laquan McDonald shooting, moved to remove the judge in the case on the grounds that she is “prejudiced” against the prosecution.

Read “Special Prosecutor in Case of Officers Charged With Cover-Up in Laquan McDonald Shooting Seeks to Remove ‘Pro-Police’ Judge

Aramis Ayala and Racism in Florida Politics

Aramis Ayala

Aramis Ayala (YouTube screenshot)

I had a Twitter thread the other night about Aramis Ayala, the Florida state’s attorney who was stopped by two Orlando police officers who didn’t recognize her.

I took the thoughts from that thread and added context via this article on The Root:

The viral video of a black female state attorney in Florida getting pulled over by police officers who don’t recognize her and say they couldn’t get any information off of her plates has been making headlines and sparking discussion for days, but is it possible that there is more to the story than meets the eye?

Read “Fla. State Attorney Aramis Ayala: Is Viral Video Latest Evidence of Targeted Harassment Against Her? 

2 Former Staff Members Charged With Circulating Nude Photos of Congresswoman, Husband

Stacey Plaskett

Rep. Stacey Plaskett (U.S. House Office of Photography/U.S. House Office of Photography)

Two former staff members of a congresswoman have been charged in the circulation of nude photos and video of the representative and her husband, federal prosecutors and the U.S. Capitol Police announced Thursday in Washington.

Read “2 Former Staff Members Charged In The Circulation of Nude Photos of U.S. House Member, Husband

No Hate Crime Charges in the Murder of Richard Collins III

Richard Collins III

Sean Urbanski, Richard Collins III (Twitter)

Sean Christopher Urbanski, the white University of Maryland student who is accused of stabbing and killing black Bowie State student Richard Collins III on May 20, has been indicted for the crime and will be heading to trial, but he will not be facing hate crime charges.

Read “No Hate Crime Charges Against White Univ. of Maryland Student Accused of Killing Black Bowie State Student

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