Black Fist raised in the air

Los Angeles, USA – July 12, 2016 – Black lives matter protestor put their fists in the air as a sign of ‘black power’ on City Hall following ruling on LAPD fatal shooting of African American female Redel Jones (iStock)

Two high school students in Vacaville, Calif., were asked to complete a project for their yearbook that paid tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement. They were later told the project would not run in the yearbook because it was “racist” and divided the student body.

From my post on The Root:

Ariana Coleman, a senior, and Vanessa Mewborn, a junior, told CBS that they were surprised when the school originally asked them to put together the project for the yearbook, but they set about interviewing students and teachers at the school to find out how they feel about race.

The topic quickly became controversial, and after they were told the project would not run after all because it was considered to be racist, they contacted the American Civil Liberties Union.

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