Bresha Meadows (WFMJ screenshot)

15-year-old Bresha Meadows accepted a plea deal at her court date on Monday which could see her home with her family in early 2018.

From my post on The Root:

Bresha Meadows, 15, accepted a plea of “true” Monday before a Trumbull County, Ohio, juvenile judge to a reduced charge of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of her father.

Bresha was sentenced to one year and one day in the custody of the Department of Youth Services, including time served, plus six months at a mental-health facility for issues including post-traumatic stress disorder.

Bresha has already spent the last nine months in jail, and WFMJ reports that she will be transferred to a mental-health facility in Shaker Heights, Ohio, on July 29 and could be released six months from that time.

One of Bresha’s attorneys told The Root that this is the best deal for the teen, as she was previously facing life without parole. This deal allows her to reintegrate into life.

Bresha said on Monday, “Today is a great day.”

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