Monique with a cup of coffee

i definitely am a coffee snob

Dear coffee: You complete me.

I didn’t get up as early as I would have liked this morning, but in my defense, I was up late working and plotting, so the coffee is going to get me through for right now.

The important thing is I have not wasted one moment this morning with procrastination. I am learning how much of a time thief procrastination is, and I’m determined to not let it rob me ever again.

Last night, my editor, sister friend and fellow writer Kirsten had me take a personality test that gave me one of those “this is me as fuck” moments, because everything it described about me was true, as Kirsten, who knows me well, confirmed.

I could easily take the parts of the report that don’t make me look so good as a negative, but what I got instead was an opportunity to adapt.

As a creative person, my work style is completely different than most. Although I can adhere to deadlines when necessary, I work best when I can tackle my work as the blasts of inspiration hit me. I make to-do lists, and I can check off tasks as fast as anyone else, but I prefer to move along at my own pace.

I recognize this as a strength, but I understand how it can be viewed as a weakness; I choose to not let it weaken me.

The test made me most appreciative of the things that make me good at what I do, and determined to take make adjustments where necessary so I can thrive and survive in the world I am creating for myself.

From a practical standpoint, this means finding ways to mix procrastination with productivity. When I can’t get the focus to write, I will handle other tasks on my to-do list and keep checking things off until the focus hits me again.

When I find myself drifting off into adult ADHD land, I will pull myself back to reality with the reminder that this lifestyle only works when I am fully invested and present in the moment.

And on those days when I find it hard to drag myself out of bed in the morning, I won’t beat myself up about, but I will remember that I can’t get anything accomplished under the covers.

Well, I can, but now is not the time for that.