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In the season finale Jenna’s friend said that Ceejai’ should go “pick cotton.” Then Jenna proceeded to call Ceejai’ “ratchet.” All of this boiled over to Ceejai’ attacking Jenna and leaving her with a Black eye. Ceejai’ gets kicked off the show, the fight goes viral and the show gets more buzz than any other time in years. All on the back of Black trauma.Real World has been around for almost 25 years and they’ve thrived on drama and conflict. Which is understandable because it’s a reality show. It’s just time for them to figure out some other way to manufacture that drama without using Black pain to get them there.And let’s remember that we’ve yet to see what happens in a season when White people are in a house outnumbered by Black people, let alone when there’s only one White person in a house full of Black people. It’d be interesting to see who looks “crazy” then.

Source: The Real World And Its History Of Exploiting Black Pain | Bossip

Black people have always been in the center ring on “The Real World.” Placing them in a house with six clueless white people and expecting things to go smoothly is always a recipe for disaster and entertainment. Bunim-Murray has profited off of this formula for 25 years. It’s time for a new formula.

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