#TheEmptyChair cover photo for the Bill Cosby feature in New York Magazine

#TheEmptyChair cover photo for the Bill Cosby feature in New York Magazine

The Twitter account of the supposed NY Magazine hacker (you know the account that I told you had only been running for 6 days and had less than 100 tweets) has been suspended by Twitter.

The account handle was @Vikingdom2016. It was mentioned in the Daily Dot article I also referenced. The embedded tweet they included in their article is no longer available, and when you go to Twitter, the account shows as suspended.

Now. Remind me again why we should believe the bullshit story that this was unrelated to the Cosby article? Because from where I sit, all signs point to yes like a Magic 8-ball.

When I scrolled through the account yesterday, I didn’t notice any tweets that could be considered abusive, so I am wondering when and why the account was suspended by Twitter.

How many long-running Anonymous accounts are there that haven’t been suspended? Isn’t Anonymous known for hacking and disruption as well?

I ask that not to cast a bad light on Anonymous, but rather to highlight the fact that there are plenty of supposed ‘hacker’ accounts that don’t get suspended, so why this one, and why now?

Stay woke, and don’t be afraid to call out the bullshit.