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You are what you eat

Given the time of year, I know that setting new fitness and health goals is cliche, but so what; I’m doing it.

The results of my walk this morning

The results of my walk this morning

I started keeping a food diary this week. I’ve been using the S Health app on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and one of the features is a health coach that suggests small missions for you to complete in order to meet your health goals.

A mission I picked for this week was to spend a day tracking what I ate. I actually did it or more than one day, and I’ve decided to continue the practice because the benefits of it make it worth it.

Entering everything I ate into this app made me really conscious of what I was putting into my body. Today was a good day where I ate mostly fruits and vegetables. My breakfast bagel was more calories than I care to expend on one item, and that made me realize that I want to spend my calorie budget on healthier, more filling foods that are going to keep me energized throughout the day.

My food diary for today

My food diary for today

Another challenge that I am taking on is the physical activity challenge. Let’s face it; I’m lazy and fat. I am working on improving that, but it is a work in progress, and so to that end I am using the app to keep myself accountable.

My steps for today

My steps for today

I got in over 14K steps today, and that includes mile and a half I walked this morning to get my day started. I promise I felt more energized today after starting it off with a walk first thing.

One of my main goals is to move around as much as possible. Even when sitting at my desk, I am doing my new favorite leg exercise: tracing the alphabet with each foot. You can actually feel the results of this.

These are all just small steps that I know will lead to larger ones and bring me to a healthier place overall, and for that I’m excited.

You can follow along with my journey.


  1. Hope this is still working out! This has got me thinking, I could get a stability ball for my home desk…where I spend many hours per week. Thanks for the motivation!

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