Amber Rose posted some hot pictures on Instagram. You’re welcome.

I love looking at the Amber Rose Instagram account. It seems like she’s having a lot of fun being Amber. She’s my kind of eye candy. Her body is delicious.

The Ladies Love Amber Rose!

Most of the tweets that came down my timeline praising Amber and her body were from women. I’m sure we collectively lust for Amber Rose more than the guys do, quite honestly. Can you blame us? She’s gorgeous.


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Amber Rose Instagram Pics are a gift from God

Whether you lust after her body, or she is your #FitnessGoal, or you just covet her lavish lifestyle, there is something on the Amber Rose Instagram for everyone.

Amber Rose Instagram Pic

Amber Rose Instagram Pic with her wearing pink! I love it

  You better recognize and be thankful. Amber is the physical embodiment of all our hopes and wishes. Or, as someone brilliant said on Twitter  

Alas, we can’t expect that everyone will appreciate this beauty for what it is, and there will always be someone who wants to point out everything that is supposedly wrong with Amber sharing her life in this manner, and this leads me to several questions I have that would be great for further exploration and exposition.

Why does society expect the people it idolizes to be role models?

Why do are women held to the unrealistic standards of being both sexy and pure at the same time? Why is it when a woman posts pictures of herself in this manner people want to accuse her of being promiscuous?

Why is the idea of motherhood supposedly devoid of any type of sexuality?


That’s right, baby. Your mom had to bust it wide open at least twice for you to get here. Shocking, I know. And guess what else? Your mom didn’t stop being a sexual being just because she had you. Women don’t stop being sexual the minute they become a wife or a mother.

People spend a lot of time making false equivocations that tie womanhood, motherhood, sexuality, and confidence mutually exclusive personality attributes. Any woman who dares to posts pictures of herself and feel any amount of pride is immediately torn down by the naysayers.  As I said on Twitter earlier:  

The minute we stop policing the emotions and thoughts of others and work on ourselves, we will be a better people.

I post about a lot of topics on Twitter, and I spend a good deal of time discussing my own sexuality. Why do I need to hide or shrink away from that? Who decided that wasn’t OK?

  No, let us praise her. I feel this way about any woman, not just Amber.  

Have you seen the amount of flack Sharlett (better known as Shaaarlettem) has taken because of her Instagram videos? Like how dare she be chubby and confident and post dance videos! The nerve!  

I could go on and on, but these questions are a topic for another day, and what we are really here for right now are Amber Rose Instagram Pics, so here are some more of my favorites.