Alfonso Ribeiro Dancing With The Stars

Alfonso Ribeiro does the ‘Carlton Dance’ on Dancing With The Stars [Video]

It almost seems unfair to have Alfonso Ribeiro performing on a dance competition show. After all, this is The Tap Dance Kid we’re talking about.

He even had a commercial with the Thriller Maker.

Oh, and don’t forget; he provided us with an instruction book for how to breakdance and rap complete with a foldout cardboard to breakdance on.

OK, so most people know him for his portrayal of Carlton Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and most people remember him doing the Carlton Dance on that show.

The Carlton Dance made us love both Carlton and the actor portraying him who put so much life into those arm swings the happiness was infectious. It is for those people that Alfonso turned up last night on Dancing With The Stars, earning him and his partner a perfect score for their number.

If he doesn’t win this thing, we know it’s rigged.