Yo Gotti featuring TI "King Shit"

Ferguson is our new Civil Rights Movement

Ferguson is our Civil Rights Movement.

It is our Mississippi.

It is our Emmett Till, and our 4 Little Girls.

Ferguson is Mike Brown.

It is Oscar Grant.

It is Trayvon Martin.

It is Troy Davis, Jordan Davis, Eric Garner, George Stinney, and countless others murdered in the name of the law.

It is our March on Washington. It is our Montgomery Bus Boycott.

It is our MOVE, and it is our move.

Stand up for Ferguson.

Hands up for Ferguson.

Let’s do this.

100 words on what really matters

What really matters is following the path you decided on for yourself.

Don’t be afraid of the detours; they add to the experience.

The tiniest seeds plant the biggest ideas, so listen to all of your inner voices.

What really matters is that you believe.

Why can’t you do it all? No one can set limits for you but you.

What really matters is that you are here.

You have a story. Tell it.

What really matters is that to evolve is to change, and change is the only constant; do not be afraid of it.

What really matters: You.