The fact that birthday dinners suck shouldn’t be anything new. Take a moment and try to remember a single time you left a BDD and thought, “Man, that was incredible. I’ve got to do something like that for my birthday.” NEVER. Yet when your own big day starts approaching a little too rapidly, and the idea of coordinating some epic camping weekend seems really stressful, but the idea of doing nothing seems really sad, you forget everything you know and think, “Wait, what about DINNER. With everyone! WHAT A GREAT IDEA!” It’s not a great idea. It’s the worst idea. Please don’t. But no, you’ve already given birth to what will become a heinous group-email thread, so here we go.

via An Open Rant Against Birthday Dinners – The Bold Italic – San Francisco.

This post comes at just the right time. My birthday is on Thursday. My friend OJ will tell you that I hate the very idea of group ideas for the reasons outlined here. Especially the part about splitting bills and people paying their part.