via NYTimes: “Jet was important in the civil rights movement.”

After nearly 63 years of publishing weekly news relevant to the black community, Jet Magazine will cease printing in June.

Johnson Publishing Company, the owner of Jet, will focus on digital publishing delivered through its website and a paid subscription app.

Desiree’ Rogers, chief executive of Johnson Publishing, said the move makes sense because African-Americans get their news and information from mobile devices, and readers are demanding more interactive content.

Still, barber shops everywhere are weeping right now, I’m sure. (via Jezebel)

Dear Abby: What is left cheek, right cheek?

Dear Abby got trolled by someone asking a question regarding the definition of ‘twerking.’

No, I’m not kidding.

[image via @trev_annis]

[image via @trev_annis]

Gawker pointed out the obvious trolling, and I have to agree. Anyone who hasn’t searched YouTube or Google for the definition of twerking obviously has not gotten their life yet. Here, let me help you:

 You’re nobody until #BlackTwitter roasts you

The aforementioned fake question on Dear Abby did not escape the attention of #BlackTwitter, and the #DearAbby hash tag is good for a few laughs. Here are some of my favorites:


We all love free restaurant bread



Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits


Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits are the G.O.A.T. of free restaurant bread, and BuzzFeed agrees with me. I’d argue that the Macaroni Grill bread should rate higher on the list, and Olive Garden bread sticks go without saying.

For you GTA Online lovers out there, Rockstar Games announced that the High Life update will be live on Tuesday, May 13.

Rockstar promises five new apartments for purchase

The update will be an automatic one, and it will include five new apartments, new apartment interiors, a new shotgun, four new vehicles, and the ability to own two distinct properties.

Rockstar says it will be adding new apartments to already established prime real estate such as Eclipse Towers and Richards Majestic, adding a non-contact feature to races to prevent bumping, and adding five new contact missions to the list of available jobs.