I’ve mentioned before that I’m taking Dr FUN’s Sex, Love and Romance in the Mass Media course this semester at ASU. She authored one text and edited the other with a collaborator.

I was eager to take this class because I believe that a large problem with relationships today is the attempt to fit some sort of cultural norm, whatever that norm may be. These norms have been sold to us by mass media, and they dictate what people feel a relationship should look like or be.

“Romantic love and mass media share a long association,” says Galician.

She further educates that the word romance itself “dates from 12th century ‘courtly love’ romans (French for ‘stories’), first disseminated to the masses by troubadours — precursors, in a sense, of modern mass media recording  artists — and later by the very first mass medium’s early chapbooks and romance novels (Stone, 1988).”

The class itself is set up in ten modules which stretch across our 7.5 week semester. Each module contains multiple sessions which are broken up into an assigned reading, a video presentation and follow up readings and links. There is a ton of information to study and learn, but it is all very interesting and gives me a lot of jump off points for my personal studies.

There is an optional extra credit reflection assignment for each module, and although I plan to complete those for course credit, I would also like to share my learning and thoughts here in a sort of course journal format.

These may come in the form of longer written posts, links, quotes, videos etc, and to make it easier to find them for future reference, they will be listed under the  Sex, Love and Romance in the Mass Media topic on the site.

If anything I plan to share here is a part of my assignment response as well, I will wait until I have received my final grade for the assignment before I post them, because I do not want to be accused of plagiarizing myself. I will disclose in the post if the content appeared in my turned in assignment.