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Why I sometimes Hate Instagram

I think all of us are guilty of this in some fashion, and I’ll be the first one to admit it. I know for a fact that there’s been times where I’ve tried to find the right filter to make my photo look amazing.Times when I went out of my way to snap the perfect shot, so that I could share it with the world in hopes for a handful of “likes”. In the end, and when I’m truly honest with myself, there’s a reason that I’m doing this.

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Texas Man Pays Child-Support Debt Yet Still Heads to Prison – The Root

UPDATE: weighs in on the issue

Clifford Hall may have suffered an injustice (it’s not possible to make that determination without more information on the case, since news accounts have so far presented only his side of the story), but nothing in the limited information presented about this case so far — other than catchy headlines and sensationalized re-reporting of the original story — supports the interpretation that Clifford Hall was “sentenced for paying too much child support.”


Clifford Hall told the news station that he had no problem paying child support for his 11-year-old son.

“I’m his father; it’s my responsibility to take care of him,” Hall says. So he had the child-support payments set up to be taken from his check through his employer.

“I discovered for some reason his employer was withholding a large amount some weeks, a small amount some weeks, a zero amount some weeks,” says Hall’s attorney, Tyesha Elam.

At some point his child support was modified, and Hall claims that he was never notified. So Hall paid the almost $3,000 he owed in back child support. “I didn’t want to go to jail basically,” Hall says.

via Texas Man Pays Child-Support Debt Yet Still Heads to Prison – The Root.

Giving My Name Is My Name a listen. Finally. Don’t judge me.

ABC Drama Scandal Is Popular Among Black Women – The Root

Deggans continued, “Some have groused about the fact that the black female lead character is also defined in part by an affair with a white, married president. But I think the show has outgrown those concerns as it has matured, allowing veteran black actors Joe Morton and Khandi Alexander to shine as parents to Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope. And the show’s success also hands more power to the most powerful black executive producer/show runner on TV, Shonda Rhimes.

“Ultimately, Scandal’s success is a sign to black viewers that their sensibilities can power a show which is a hit with all audiences. And that’s a powerful message in a fragmented media world.”

via ABC Drama Scandal Is Popular Among Black Women – The Root.

The Brain Food playlist on Spotify

Screenshot 2014-01-10 at 12.40.01 PM


This is my second class with Dr. Fun. I got a B in my first class with her, and I’m determined to get an A this time, so that means I am resolved to committing the 18 hours of work to this class that it deserves.

Send all your positive vibrations.

The first song to play on the Viral 50 playlist on Spotify.

About the Relationship Between African and African Americans | Awesomely Luvvie

About the Relationship Between African and African Americans | Awesomely Luvvie.

Luvvie shares a brilliant Storify relating part of her experience as an African in America and the things she learned about the difference between Africans and black Americans. I recommend everyone read it.

The first track that played on my current Spotify playlist:

Hypnotize will always get me going.

That part where Eminem raps super fast like JJ Fad at the end of Supersonic. Except he was really saying something though.

Rap GodEminem

Tom Ford – Jay Z

How To Pitch Stories To Code Switch : Code Switch : NPR

Pitch stories, not essays. We do publish essays and criticism on Code Switch. But it is hard to create an essay that fits the voice, mission and ethos of any particular blog, even for the folks who work at it regularly. (We occasionally spike — i.e., don’t publish — our own essays. That’s how hard it is to pull it off.) As such, they are a very heavy lift, especially if you’re working with us for the first time.

Only very rarely do we greenlight an essay we didn’t commission, and we don’t publish polemics. Until we’ve established a working relationship, try to hook us with a riveting narrative. When the ethnic slur “cracker” made its way into the news earlier this year, for example, Gene Demby looked into the word’s history and discovered that it had been appropriated by an unlikely group.

via How To Pitch Stories To Code Switch : Code Switch : NPR.

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