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Sex, Love, and Romance in the Mass Media

I’ve mentioned before that I’m taking Dr FUN’s Sex, Love and Romance in the Mass Media course this semester at ASU. She authored one text and edited the other with a collaborator.

I was eager to take this class because I believe that a large problem with relationships today is the attempt to fit some sort of cultural norm, whatever that norm may be. These norms have been sold to us by mass media, and they dictate what people feel a relationship should look like or be.

“Romantic love and mass media share a long association,” says Galician.

She further educates that the word romance itself “dates from 12th century ‘courtly love’ romans (French for ‘stories’), first disseminated to the masses by troubadours — precursors, in a sense, of modern mass media recording  artists — and later by the very first mass medium’s early chapbooks and romance novels (Stone, 1988).”

The class itself is set up in ten modules which stretch across our 7.5 week semester. Each module contains multiple sessions which are broken up into an assigned reading, a video presentation and follow up readings and links. There is a ton of information to study and learn, but it is all very interesting and gives me a lot of jump off points for my personal studies.

There is an optional extra credit reflection assignment for each module, and although I plan to complete those for course credit, I would also like to share my learning and thoughts here in a sort of course journal format.

These may come in the form of longer written posts, links, quotes, videos etc, and to make it easier to find them for future reference, they will be listed under the  Sex, Love and Romance in the Mass Media topic on the site.

If anything I plan to share here is a part of my assignment response as well, I will wait until I have received my final grade for the assignment before I post them, because I do not want to be accused of plagiarizing myself. I will disclose in the post if the content appeared in my turned in assignment.

Proposal for restructuring Metro fares is released; fares would be raised and free transfers allowed | Metro’s The Source

Metro staff released a fare restructuring proposal today that would raise fares in three phases over the next eight years while also making Metro more customer-friendly by allowing riders to board an unlimited number of buses and trains for 90 minutes in any direction for a single fare.

The proposal includes two options for restructuring fares. The first option would raise the base fare from the current $1.50 to $1.75 for the next four years and eventually to $2.25.

The second option would keep the base fare at $1.50 during off-peak hours and raise it to $2.25 during peak hours for the next four years and eventually to $2 in off-peak hours and $3.25 in peak hours. Both options with the complete set of increases are shown above.

via Proposal for restructuring Metro fares is released; fares would be raised and free transfers allowed | Metro’s The Source.

Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth.

— Ludwig Borne, 19th Century German political writer

Media and Journalism Fellowships | Mediashift | PBS

Here’s a list of current media and journalism fellowship programs, including deadline for applying.

via Media and Journalism Fellowships | Mediashift | PBS.

It’s a difficult task to find anything in the media that has much to teach us about the realities of love.

– Robert J Sternberg, Cupid’s Arrow

Hi, guys! How are you?

Screenshot 2014-01-17 at 9.59.20 AMAs you can see, I’m doing just fine!

I love that we are having summertime in January. This is what living in southern California is all about.


Taking Aim at GTA Online Cheaters | Rockstar Games

In recent weeks, a small number of Grand Theft Auto Online players sought to exploit the game by generating and distributing game-breaking amounts of in-game cash, disrupting the experience for other players.(Updated)

We will continue to issue title updates on an ongoing basis to counter the negative impact this has had on gameplay, and as part of today’s maintenance period, we are removing the counterfeit GTA$ from the game’s economy. Anyone who innocently received GTA$ as a result of these exploits but did not engage in cheating to acquire it will not face any further action – the funds will just be removed, and you’ll be able to keep any items you currently own.

Those who actively engaged in cheating and exploiting the game in this manner will, however, be subject to in-game penalties at our discretion. This may include being placed in isolated cheater pools or banned from GTA Online altogether.

Should you ever encounter someone in GTA Online that appears to be taking advantage of exploits in your session, we ask that you alert us directly via the in-game reporting functionality. In the Pause menu, under the Online tab, select Players and scroll to the offending player. From there, select Report and choose Exploits from the violation options.

We’re grateful for the community’s continued support in dealing with these issues and once again apologize to anyone that has had their Grand Theft Auto Online experience sullied by these exploits that broke the game’s natural flow. Please stay tuned for lots more news about GTA Online in the weeks ahead.

via Taking Aim at GTA Online Cheaters | Rockstar Games.

Today my cash in GTA Online went from over $5 billion to $550,000. I didn’t hack or glitch for the money, but it was given to me by people hacking and glitching in various lobbies I found myself in. At one point I was actually begging people to stop giving me money; it was too much, and there was really nothing I could have done to spend all of that money in any amount of game playing.

That said, I did enjoy the rich life. I did silly things like respray my cars to match my outfits etc. I will miss that life, but in a way it feels good to have everyone on an even playing field again.

Today’s GTA session was still full of violence, but it was a lot tamer than normal. There were no tanks. People were carefully avoiding blowing up personal vehicles, because when all you have is $550,000 (which is all that most high level players were left with; lower level players have even less), you are reticent to want to spend the money paying for someone else’s vehicle.

Although Rockstar has leveled the multi-player playing field, I fully believe the real intent here is to make it easier for them to sell their game cash or shark cards, and that is unfortunate. Rockstar already made a mint selling the video game at $60 a pop, and to try to milk it even further for cash seems exploitative to say the least.

It’s not hard to earn GTA, and even after I got the cash, I still played a lot of survival which earns me $20,000 each time. Still, I can’t help but feel sorry for those who came into the game when the cash was being given out because they never really had to work hard in GTA, and this is probably distressing them more than anyone else.

How Waking Up Half An Hour Early Can Help You Solve More Problems | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

As a serial insomniac, waking in the middle of the night to write isn’t new for me. But making the effort to start my day this way had a bit of a different effect. For one, writing first thing in the morning set the tone for the day. By the time I sat down to work, I was less inhibited by the idea of getting started since I’d already gotten some thoughts down in my half-awake state.

I also found I was too groggy in the early morning to start second-guessing my ideas as I often do when I’m showered, caffeinated, and sitting at my desk to work. It’s almost like my creative mind, for lack of a better term, was on autopilot those early mornings, spitting words on the page with no time for judgment.

via How Waking Up Half An Hour Early Can Help You Solve More Problems | Fast Company | Business + Innovation.

For reasons I can’t explain, I get excited when this shows up on my computer screen.

Screenshot 2014-01-15 at 2.49.15 PMGood afternoon! I’ll be here all night studying and doing homework because this class I’m taking with Dr FUN ain’t no joke.


Dr. FUN’s Mass Media Love Quiz©

The QUIZ is the core of her programs

and her books:


Analysis and Criticism of Unrealistic Portrayals and Their Influence


Media Literacy Applications


How the Media Seduce You to Want Prince Charmings and Playboy Centerfolds


via Dr. FUN’s Mass Media Love Quiz©.

My professor created this quiz based on her research of what she calls “The Romanticization of Love in the Mass Media.” It is on one of the first pages of the textbook. Based on my answers, I don’t know whether it’s so much that I have a high awareness of romantic stereotypes or if I am just cynical.


I make myself leave the house when it’s time to get work done, because I get next to nothing accomplished when I sit in my house all day. I need to be away from my household distractions and in the company of other people trying to get shit done.

My normal work space is the local Starbucks, and although the one on Crenshaw and Coliseum is within walking distance of my house, I prefer to go to the new one near USC, because it’s a lot more clean, quiet and structured.

The Crenshaw Starbucks is like a daytime club; the Expo/Fig Starbucks is like a library that allows us to have our food and drinks and occasionally plays good music.

Anyway, with all my Starbucks visits and Starbucks gift cards, I managed to move myself up to the Green level in Starbucks rewards which means that all of my refills while I am in the shop are free.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is #Winning


What’s Like the Craziest Shit You’ve Ever Seen

Awkward text messages from exes, career uncertainties, generalized aches and pains: They all disintegrate beneath the hugeness that is someone else’s life in your hands. The guy’s heart is failing; fluid backs up in those feebly pumping chambers, erupts into his lungs, climbs higher and higher, and now all you hear is the raspy clatter every time he breathes. Is his blood pressure too high or too low? You wrap the cuff on him as your partner finds an IV. The monitor goes on. A thousand possibilities open up before you: He might start getting better, he might code right there, the ambulance might stall, the medicine might not work, the elevator could never come. You cast off the ones you can’t do anything about, see about another IV because the one your partner got already blew. You’re sweating when you step back and realize nothing you’ve done has helped, and then everything becomes even simpler, because all you can do is take him to the hospital as fast as you can move without totaling the rig.

via What’s Like the Craziest Shit You’ve Ever Seen.

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