There’s another reason for the slow burn approach, and it’s a thing I’ll address at every turn because it’s hugely important to your success to acknowledge this: The process of getting rid of things is hard on the psyche. Parting with belongings calls up all sorts of difficult feelings. Guilt over wastefulness or lack of gratitude. Sorrow. Anger. Exasperation at yourself and others. Memories of happier times. Memories of sadder times. Memories of those who are no longer in your life for one reason or another. Those feelings are valid and we’ll talk them through. The good news is that working through the process will yield a positive result—a successful purge is great thing for the ole psyche!

In recognition that these projects are both time- and emotionally-consuming, this calendar isn’t intended to be completed in its entirety. Ideally, you’ll pick two to four of these projects. Maybe you’ll pick more! Maybe you’ll pick all of them! Maybe, and most likely, you’ll pick two projects, see how relatively painless they were to complete with a little bit of structure and cheerleading and decide to take on a few more.

via ​The Year of the Clean Person: Your 2014 Cleaning Calendar.