I watched the joyless look on all those black faces and the amusement on the faces of their white owners, and I thought about last August 25. I thought of the handful of black burlesque dancers who jiggled and bounced in animal costumes for Miley Cyrus at the MTV Video Music Awards. Cyrus couldnt have known the uncomfortable history she had reached into, what it means for black people to perform this sexually, this anonymously for a white woman, but there she was traipsing, like Mrs. Epps, among her fine beasts, performing an otherwise good song whose title normally refers to a nonstop party but also¬†encompasses a depressing legacy of ownership: “We Cant Stop.”

via The cultural crater of 12 Years a Slave – Grantland.

I am in the process of putting my thoughts about this movie together. I originally had said I wasn’t going to see it, but I was convinced by my parents to do so, and now I am glad that I did.

Everyone should read this piece whether they have seen the film or not.