Hello, Friday of week 2. How are you?

On a sunny, hot Friday in September, the newsroom is virtually empty. Jessica and Marquis are my only companions as I sit at my desk getting work done. Kimberly, our ad manager, must left with her twin sister, and the newsroom has that calm feeling of an office that is emptying out as everyone exits into Friday, prepared to enjoy their weekend. I like it like this.

This semester, the newsroom feels different. We come to work and there is a lighter feeling in the air. That sense of rush and panic has not hit us yet, and if things continue to move along the way they have been, we may never hit that feeling throughout the entire semester.

Imagine getting an email from our adviser letting us know that there were no more stories available for writers to grab in our workflow management tool. That has never happened before; in prior semesters we’ve had to beg people to take stories. Now, the stories are getting snatched up as fast as we can add them into the system.

I love this feeling. I love coming in this newsroom to work. I love the group of peers I have on my team this semester. I love my job. I love this life.


Student journalism: it’s not just a job, it’s an adventure.

Miley Cyrus is a clear example of status conferral and now she is a huge problem…

This is when you know things have gone too far.

A lily white yoga studio in idyllic Santa Barbara, California recently held a “Ghetto Fabulous” yoga class. In preparation, students were instructed to wear cornrows, snapback caps and heavy lipliner along with their lululemon leggings. Who knew gang signs could be so cute?! The invite promised to provide “various costumes” — there was a do-rag giveaway, attendees said — and “guaranteed belly laughs.”

via Santa Barbara Yoga Studio Gives Out Do-Rags at Ghetto Fabulous Class.

I’m not sure why ghetto fabulous has become synonymous with black (as if there are no white people who are ghetto), but to advertise an event like this and link to a WikiHow article on “How to Be Ghetto Fabulous” says a lot about the attitude behind it.

I would really like to write an op ed piece about status conferral and agenda-setting theory because clearly all of these things are related. Miley Cyrus and her longbacking disguised as twerking makes the news, and suddenly we are inundated with stories of white people expressing their “blackness” in various ways.

I’m still composing my thoughts.