how to newspaper blog in this new era of news by @busblog

there are some institutions who still believe that to newspaper blog means to assign reporters to newspaper stories

and then have someone else publish their newspaper stories into a blog once it goes through the copy editors.

they also believe that in order to “feed the blog” they need to hire people other than their actual reporters to “blog” on the “blog”.

unfortunately this is 2013, almost 2014 and that is like hiring someone else to kiss your wife.


if you are lucky enough to have hundreds of reporters, aka writers, on your payroll, one way to STAY ALIVE online

is to OMG have all of those writers OMG write OMG everyday.

i’m not talking 30-inch masterpieces, im suggesting 3-4 paragraph blurbs. about things they know about, but will never newspaper about

things they experienced, like, oh i dont know, when a Laker/Clipper Kardasian caused a three-car accident and they were one of the cars.

or how about the record they heard or the movie they saw or the funny quote the mayor said to them in an elevator…

via how to newspaper blog in this new era of news | busblog.

I’ve mentioned before my love of  Tony Pierce. The dude knows his stuff.

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