Here is an amazing post with lots of links to other great posts about the Miley Cyrus debacle.

Here’s the thing: historically, black women have had very little agency over their bodies. From being raped by white slave masters to the ever-enduring stereotype that black women can’t be raped, black women have been told over and over and over again, that their bodies are not their own. By bringing these “homegirls with the big butts” out onto the stage with her and engaging in a one-sided interaction with her ass, (not even her actual person!) Miley has contributed to that rhetoric. She made that woman’s body a literal spectacle to be enjoyed by her legions of loyal fans. Not only was that the only way that Miley interacted with any of the other people onstage with her, but all of her backup dancers were “black women with big butts” as Violet_Baudelaire so astutely pointed out. So not only are black women’s bodies being used as props, but they are also props that are only worthy of interaction if that interaction involves sexualization.

via Solidarity is For Miley Cyrus: The Racial Implications of her VMA Performance.


I want to reread this when I have more time and click through more links. I have an idea for a longer project involving this discussion, and these links help out a lot with the research.


(for my fellow J students, this is also a great example of linking in a blog entry, citing sources digitally and using quotes for emphasis!)

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