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On a sunny Friday afternoon, Anton “Tony” Dahlerbruch sits comfortably in an easy chair, which is set up on one side of his new office alongside a large comfy sofa and a plain wooden coffee table. On top of the table rests a bright yellow happy face mug filled with Hershey miniatures.

Dahlerbruch (pronounced phonetically as “dollar brook”) fits in well with the cozy, at-home setting. He leans back in the easy chair, his hands resting comfortably on his knees; his demeanor is calm and laid back, and his face brightens as he begins to speak about his new position as city manager for the city of Palos Verdes Estates.

“I feel very fortunate to be here. I feel very fortunate that my whole career, each position that I’ve had is better than the last,” said Dahlerbruch, who assumed his position in June.

via Public service is a ‘calling’ – Palos Verdes Peninsula News : News.


I wrote this article and it appeared on A1 in the Palos Verdes Peninsula News on August 22nd. I’m proud of it.


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