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A collection of my stories that have appeared on the El Camino Union website

  1. This is the first article I ever wrote for the Union, and one I am most proud of. It appeared front page above the fold.
  2. This was article was part of a three-part series on college students and STDS. 
  3. When Adria Richards was fired in March for speaking out against sexually inappropriate conduct by her male peers at a tech conference, I wrote the above opinion piece on it. I also wrote a column about rape culture, which appeared in the print version of the paper, and I can provide a clip if requested. 
  4. This story was part of the STD series that was done for both the paper and the Union online. 
  5. This is an opinion piece regarding the proposed law to increase the background checks required for purchasing firearms. 
  6. Matt Ebiner is a geography professor at El Camino College as well as a marathon runner. He ran in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon and was the top male finisher in his age category. 
  7. When EC decided to renew Tom Fallo’s contract and give him more money, many in the college community disagreed with the decision. This article was an attempt to shed some light on why the decision was made to keep him. 

  8. This opinion piece is part of a weekly column featured in the print version of the paper called “Up For Debate.” In it, I tackle the “no” position when asked whether or not students are properly informed on politics that affect them as students at EC. 

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